Thursday, 9 November 2006

Review: Restoran Fei Por

**Non-Halal Post**

"Fei Por" in Cantonese means fat lady but the numerous time I was there, I don't see any fat ladies around... haha hmmm maybe there was a history sometime back I guess. Anyway this Restoran Fei Por is located along Jalan Pudu, opposite a pretty famous porridge steamboat place errr I'm not sure if it was Farmland or QQ.

Restoran Fei Por sells steamed chicken, roasted pork (siew yuk), grilled meat (char siew), porridge (fish, shredded chicken etc etc), rice, noodles, curry laksa and a whole load of other things. Best part is they're open for dinner till early morning for those who fancy supper. I won't say the food here is superb but to find something hearty in the middle of the night, this place will do more than to just satisfy your hunger.

We were there one err early morning, more like midnite actually. Hubby was hungry so he ordered a bowl of plain porridge, a portion of steamed chicken and roasted pork for himself. I didn't eat, just picked a few pieces of meat since I do not have the habit of eating this late.

fei por kai

fei por - steamed chic fei por - siew yuk

As usual their roasted pork came extra crunchy on the skin side which is what we liked. The smooth porridge went well with the steamed chicken and the roasted pork. These 3 items costed hubby RM10.00 which I'm sure Mama Bok will say it's very very cheap but I would say its pretty reasonable for that portion.

fei por - porridge

Should you have cravings for such grubs at an unearthly hour or feeling your tummy drumming in hunger after clubbing, do head on to Restoran Fei Por. You could also actually go there for your dinner as well.

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  1. You should try the fried 'siu yuk', its the pwn and it's much nicer than the fried 'siu yuk' in Petaling Street.

    The restaurant 2 doors away are serving the same stuff and it's quite reasonable cheap and nice too. A second choice for us if Fei Por is not open.

    We usually go there for, I mean EARLY breakfast. 4-5 AM and you'll still get to see quite many ppl enjoying the food there especially during the weekends.

  2. Whoa its pretty reasonable..guess its another option for supper other than seng kee siu yuk min @ petaling street

  3. whoa, we din know they have the stir fry siew yuk! thanks for letting me know galvin. we tend to stick to familiar stuff just to be on the safe side

    yes, definitely another great place for supper, kampungboycitygal

  4. Long time have not passed that road during d twilight hours. Glad to know it's still open.

  5. tummythoz, not only Fei Por is still open, there is a competitor selling similar grubs a few doors away and recently, there's another one joining in the competition!

  6. Hahaha. Just pass thru that road over the weekend. Hahahaha. New restaurant next to Fei Por is called KOKOK!! Hahahaha.

  7. LOL yeah yeah thats the new one! thanks tummythoz but what was the other one?

  8. yooo...i love this shop! Especially their "pak cham gai"!! yummylicious!!


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