Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Have You Started Baking Your Christmas Fruit Cake??

UPDATED 29 November 2006: Replaced the ghastly photos with slightly better ones!!!

Well I did!!! I started early this year as compared with my previous fruit cake attempt. I still have one loaf in my fridge... yeah going to be a year old already! I still feed the cake occasionally with brandy as and when I'm not lazy. Can't wait to savour it this Christmas!




Hahaha this is my first batch... more to come! This recipe can bake up to 3 loaves of fruit cake. Just remember to buy extra nuts and cherries for the decor. I've baked them in foil container so that I can give them away as gift. Now I need some ideas on how to wrap them up... stay tune.

It's still not too late, go start baking yours now!

fruitcake04 fruitcake03

fruitcake02 fruitcake01

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  1. Yeah, I still remember my uni mates feeding the fruit cake brandy all the time so it got lots of flavour.

  2. wow babe, your fruit cake looks so nice and yummy!!! but when i look at da recipe.... i wanna faint :p it looks like lotsa works huh?

  3. Waah....
    The fruit cake looks so nice and festive!
    I want a bite.....


  4. The cake doesn't look too appetizing... :-P

  5. o..i hope i can have one free fruit cake from rather than i need to bake one..i dont know ler..

  6. can't wait to taste my one year old cake then, boo_licious

    meiyen, actually this is the simplest recipe that i've found. long list was due to the preparation of the dried fruits and nuts but really this is a very very simple recipe. boil the fruits, add in flour then can bake already

    J, go make your own hahaha still got time

    yeah i noticed the pictures looked dang lousy, daniel. last nite i was using hubby's laptop that doesnt hv proper photo editing s/w and lighting was poor too haha cos i was working at the living room whilst watching telly.... hmmm will see if i can put up better edited ones

  7. pssttt, irene, i know the cheat way... buy those fruit cakes in the supermarket then feed them with brandy :p

  8. this is so christmasy! the hols are near :) hehehe. man, wished i could bake like you babe, everything looks good :)

  9. So pretty!!!! Love the deco!!!!

    Btw.. i try the cheat way before with a SilverBird fruit cake.. way too sweet. hehehe

  10. Wow! Loads of stuff!Must be yummy! Anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog and linking me!

  11. I'm not sure whether I like fruit cakes or not because some fruit cake I like but some I dont like. But I love christmas pudding. Not the one that look like a fruit cake, but those black in colour xmas pudding. I think I will make a gingerbreadman fully icing and gingerbread cookies fully icing too. I love to ice the cookies.

  12. sc, am sure with some practises, you can be good too

    yaka teckiee? so cannot cheat like that!

    no problem wmw

    flower, i'm like you too but i'm ok with this one though. i thot of making the pudding but wiped it off cos need to steam so long hahaha i don't hv such patience

  13. Wow, babe, I am speechless! I saw the pic on Flickr and wanted to ask if you have them airflown. I don't think I dare to bake such elaborate cakes.

  14. hey lilian, this is a very simple recipe, really!!! you go thru the recipe method then you'll understand better. the long list of stuff are actually nothing... nuts and fruits only. ask yr kids to help you decorate


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