Monday, 13 November 2006

Kiddy Menu: Pulled-Elbow Syndrome

Nope, Pulled-Elbow Syndrome is certainly NOT a recipe!

My boiboi was rushed to the A&E in Pantai Bangsar on late Sat evening after his daddy accidently hurt him whilst playing with him. All daddy did was pulling boiboi up by just holding on to his wrist, which is a big NO NO! He had forgotten that his baby now weighs a hefty 42 lbs (about 19 kg). Poor boiboi was screaming and crying away in pain which in no way sounds like his normal type of wailing. Initial diagnostics, boiboi pointed that his left elbow and wrist are in pain until he could not even move his fingers. Right arm is still all right. We were at lost and there is no way I'm going to allow hubby to take him to those Chinese sinseh, so A&E was the order of the day.

The attending doctor ordered a paracetamol suppository for pain relief and a few shots of x-ray. According to this doctor, it is commonly known as Pulled-Elbow Syndrome where the bones could be dislodged or twisted which in boiboi's case, after diagnosing the x-ray, thank goodness there is no fractured nor twisted bones. The doctor said that the bones are slightly twisted and she had twisted it back in place. However, boiboi still could not lift his left arm. A cutesy light green arm sling plastered with Winnie the Pooh was slung over to keep his arm at rest.

We got the doctor to call our family orthopedic doctor, Dr Pasupathy to check on this situation. Dr Pasu asked us to get back to the A&E this morning for an appointment. Luckily boiboi managed to sleep thru the night mostly with a couple of occasions I knew he was in pain when he accidently moved his arm.

Dr Pasu explained to us the situation after he asked boiboi whether he's still in pain. Boiboi pointed to him where and Dr Pasu managed to diagonosed the situation in that instant. Well, Dr Pasu is a very very experienced orthopedic doctor and surgeon. It seems that the cartilege in between the bones for kids aged 0-4 years are still soft and did not even managed to even appear on the x-ray. He said boiboi's bones were not twisted back properly the night before. He asked hubby to hold boiboi tightly whilst he went on to pull boiboi's arm. Omigosh it must be dang painful that boiboi was screaming his lungs out! I heard a loud click and Dr Pasu said in no time boiboi will be able to move his arm, there is no need to even stay back home to rest and he could go back to school. True enough my boisterious boiboi was showing us that he could lift his arm and wriggle his fingers within 20 minutes of the procedure.

Thank you to Dr Pasu for a job well done and he did not even charge us for the time he spent on boiboi. So if any of you need to see an orthopedic doctor for whatever reason, do check him out at Pantai Bangsar. Psssttt... he's errr very suave and handsome one but he's married haha...

To all parents and those adults who are handling children, NEVER, NEVER lift your kid by holding on his wrist or arms. Lift them up by cupping both armpits with your palms! It's a painful experience for us and we hope you could pick this lesson up on our expense.

Not to worry ok, boiboi is extremely fine now and he managed to run up and down, jump, dance, and sleep as usual the whole of today after the procedure. Phewwww... another hectic and adventurous weekend!


  1. Glad to hear that he's all rite! What a scare he gave both of you.

  2. thanks boo_licious and we were so relieved when he started become his notti self again

  3. Woah... sounds like you had a very exciting weekend...

    Glad to hear that your boiboi is better already...
    (These things happen and kids generally heal fast so it's ok.... Try not to pull your husband's ears too much)

    (Suave and handsome doctor? Hmmm,.. yeah my hand has been pain lately. Maybe time for a visit? Waitaminute... he's married? Damn. *pout*)

  4. yeah very excited indeed J!!! made my heart literally dropped off my body! well I did not say a word to hubby for he already felt very guilty enough. a painful lesson to him. LOL Dr Pasu's kids are pretty grown up too hehe

  5. Ouch! I was cringing as I was reading your "report". Glad to know he's getting better now.

    Dr. Pasu is well-known in the circles. However, our family orthopaedic surgeon is not him :) Looks like the treatment he gave to boi boi makes him an Indian sinseh :)

  6. Good to hear Boiboi is ok again. I bet your hubby must be feeling so extremely guilty. We used to go to Pantai Bangsar too. But not to see Dr. Pasu, ours was the Dr. Nur Atiqah, the paedatrician there. Nice lady too.

  7. Wahlau, I'm also guilty of playing with my girl-girl like this all the time :O Good thing nothing bad has happened so far.

    Poor KK. I'm sure he must have felt terrible. Good to hear boiboi is back to normal. Hopefully the daddy is also back to normal, too! :P

  8. omg, poor boiboi... glad to know that he's all well now!

  9. yeah Dr Pasu is well known and I've intro him to some friends, PabloPabla. All of them seems to be satisfied with him.

    flower, nur Atiqah is a peady. Dr Pasu is an orthopedic surgeon. boiboi's peady is Dr Chin whilst Dr Chia is his peady surgeon hahaha aduiii... so many doctors boiboi had seen!!

    julian, check my boiboi's weight compared with your gurls haha... so you better watch out too

    thanks meiyen. he's all right now, i know cos he was running and jumping whilst flapping his arm telling us he can move his arm already *roll eyes*

  10. :O.. goodness! Glad to hear that boiboi is all well now.

  11. yup cyrene, pls get matt to take note of this too. i saw him last nite, everything's fine. i hope you're getting on ok with baby :)

  12. Aww...poor boi boi. Glad to hear that everything is fine now. I saw yr ping the other day and thot is must be some macaroni recipe. LOL.

  13. LOL... really sounds like one huh? thanks lilian, my boiboi is ok already.


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