Tuesday, 14 November 2006

BoiBoi's Status Report

boiboi's left arm x-ray

BoiBoi's x-ray of his left elbow... everything seems fine here.

Thanks for everyone's concern over BoiBoi's twisted elbow. BoiBoi is back to his usual antics and naughty self. I checked on him last night asking whether he still feel any pain. He went flapping his left arm up and down... "See mummy, I can move my arm already". A sign of relief for all of us indeed.

So remember ok, the same message again - NEVER EVER lift a child by their wrist or arm! Thank you once again.


  1. phew....from what boi boi said, i guess he must be ok now.. glad to know that!

  2. Just read this post about your BoiBoi - glad that he's ok. Hope you and his Daddy are ok also after the little scare.

  3. thanks kittycat, yeah we're all fine. are you back from sri lanka?

  4. Yeah, back already and also made 1st post a long time already. Gonna find time for part 2 soon...come visit ya


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