Tuesday, 14 December 2004

Satay Kajang Hj Samuri

Darling hubby has been hankering for Satay Kajang Hj Samuri since two weeks ago but due to various commitment (well he blamed me haha) he did not get to eat them. He went out of town yesterday and called me on his way back telling me that he's going to stop by Satay Kajang Hj Samuri at the stadium to get his dose of satay (it's a Malay word which is widely used in the world now of grilled meat on a stick). Being such a darling, he packed some home for me as well.

On top of 10 sticks he ate there, both of us whacked another 24 sticks of chicken and beef satay. Sighhh he forgot to asked for deer meat satay as it tasted delicious the last time we were there.

Ok on a little of this particular place, Kajang, it's actually a small town in the suburb of Kuala Lumpur. As far as I could remember since I was a kid, Kajang is famous for satay. It's also known as Satay Town!!! No kidding. Well apparently, there is one particular stall selling delicious satay, it got famous and you've food crazy Malaysians who will drive all the way out looking for delicious food. Next thing you know, you've other satay stalls sprouting around and claiming them to be the famous satay Kajang. How typical!!!

It got on so popular that the town council erected a food court calling Medan Satay. This food court sells nothing but satay of course. In the course of expanding and in search of grilling different meats other than the original beef and chicken, they have now rabbit, deer, all sorts of innards, fish etc. Well they gotten very creative!!

Well Satay Kajang Hj Samuri is amongst the pioneer in the industry and they've expanded greatly over the years that KLites do not need to drive all the way to Kajang to savour this delicacy. The chicken and beef satay retails at 50 sens a stick. The meats are very well marinated with all sorts of spices as shown in this recipe here.

What I like best about Satay Kajang Hj Samuri is the way the beef satay turned out. It's always tender and moist unlike some places I've been to, they came out like tree bark literally. The chicken satay also hardly contain any fatty skins but yet they are tender.

Served with a not too spicy peanut sauce, we were absolutely in sky high enjoying our satay for dinner last night. Ahhh... till his next craving for satay.........!!!


  1. http://alicelittleworld.blogspot.com/2007/01/my-modeling-life-1.html
    Interesting blog. Can i be your friend?

  2. Great commentary but your recipe link is not working. I am dying for some satay right now. Would love to view your recipe since we live in the US and it is kinda far to get to kajang.

  3. Hi Lina, this post was so long ago that The Kuali website has been updated a couple of times over the years hence the link might not work anymore. Anyway, I managed to search these for you.





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