Friday, 3 December 2004

Of Eclairs And Cream Puffs...

We were in the vicinity of Desa Sri Hartamas a few days back to collect my contact lenses, hubby just blurted out "Hmmm I wonder Celicakes still have cream puffs available at this hour???"

That's it, it just got me working... Managed to find a parking space in the crazy place. Saw Celicakes staring at us and I blinked to hubby hahaha... So he asked me to go collect lenses first then go Celicakes. Ohhh no, no, no :p hahaha no way man!! What if they sold off their last box away??? So in we went to Celicakes first.

Celicakes is amongst the first few establishment that opened in this area. Well known for it's cakes, cream puffs and cupcakes. This round we bought the cream puffs (6 for RM5.90) and choc eclairs (6 for RM6.90).

This is how they looked like... Crappy pics cos I used my mobile since I lent my digicam to my brother.

The cross section of them yummm...

Mmmmmm....... the cream puff is still super delicious!!!! The choux pastry is thin and it's filled to the brim with custard cream. Whoooo... nice! Their so called eclair is actually the same sized as the cream puff with the same custard cream but topped off with melted chocolate with some slivers of almonds. We find the eclair does not contained as much filling as the cream puff, kinda feel ripped off having to pay RM1 extra for a wee bit of chocolate coating!!

I guess we'll stick to Celicakes cream puffs!

Celicakes is at the same row as Finnegan's. Call them at 03-23000 773.

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