Tuesday, 21 December 2004

Adventure At The Hairdresser

I had a little adventure at the hairdresser about a month ago. Can't stand my curly hair sticking out after my rebonding session in February or was it January?

First, I have to locate the hairdresser new location at Berjaya Time Square. Upon reaching the mall, I grabbed a copy of the floor directory. Zoomed into Hairdressing and saw the familiar name on 4th Floor. Took the escalator up but surprised surprised my hairstylist, Madame Sexxxy (she's in her late 30s and she's a hot hoochie mama!), no longer work there and thank goodness they directed me to Madame Sexxxy new shop. I went to the other end and found the place. So apparently she's on her own now after discussion with her lady boss failed. Anyway, I think she did not want to pay the lady boss the franchise fee if she retained the shop name. Well, she's is RICH enough to own her own business so it's really no big deal.

After some exchanges of pleasantaries, I just told her I want my hair short!!! She was like shocked and asked me if I'm serious. I told her I had enough of my almost waist length hair which took me about 2 years to grew. Well, she still insisted that I should get another rebonding session.... arrrghhhh which meant I need to spend at least 4 to 5 hours there. Gosh so boring!!!

After washing my hair and she went on a snipping spree... snip snip here... snip snip there... When she reached my long fringe, she went SNIP!!! I cocked my eyebrows and asked her "Goodness, you're snipping my fringe in that manner?? (I meant straight across)"
Madame Sexxxy: This is the current fashion
Me: But it looked weird on me
Madame Sexxxy: Naw, don't worry, I'll give you some jagged edge so that it won't look so straight across. If you don't like it, come back and I'll fix it for you.

Sighhh... are ALL stylist this pushy. Anyway, most times I trusted her sense but this one I really can't believe it. What I saw at the end of the snipping session was the pool of hair under my seat. Her assistant swept them up and I got a photo of that.

Later on they slattered on the rebonding solution and used a heater kinda machine to heat my hair up. After washing them off, then came the painful and slow procedure of "ironing" my hair with the Straightening tong or was it known as Flattening Iron. It looked something like this.

Once that is done, another round of lotion is applied before sticking the partings of hairs with flat plastic boards. Goodness I looked like an alien! Worst, I was told not to move about to ensure really straight hair.

Whilst all these were going on... hey it was not that all boring. There were so many things happening in the shop! Aside from gossips I overheard the other customers chatted with Madame Sexxxy... there was this sweet old lady who walked in and started chatting with Madame Sexxxy. Next on I heard Madame Sexxxy asking her customer to guess how old is this old lady whilst the old lady's lips were beaming from left to right. Customer said she's in her 70s. Madame Sexxxy told her that she's already in her 90s!!! On my goodness... sweet old lady said that she's 99 years this year!!! Wow and she looked so healthy. Nothing like someone in her 90s. More like 70s. Ok I've got a couple of shots on her.

Amazing... it seems like she's from a neighbouring shop. Maybe her children's shop. Anyway, after sitting down there close to four and a half hours, my hair is finally done. Hubby came by to pick me and he had this silly smirk on his face. I knew it, he got some bad comment but I don't care!

Pssst: Saw the lady in black top with some meat sticking out from mid section?? That is Madame Sexxxy. She was wearing a black tube that day with cargo pants!

Last checked in the mirror... I looked like Cleopatra, I meant my hairstyle!!! A month down and I'm still trying to get used to it. I was laughed at but friends being friends, they laughed and yet tried to pacify me saying that I looked CUTE. Gosh that's the last thing I wanna hear. I don't wanna look CUTE when I'm in my 30s. If I'm still 5 years old, you can call me CUTE. Haiiii....

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