Wednesday, 29 December 2004

Not So Cheap Lunch Afterall

Sighhhh every darn thing is getting very expensive in Malaysia!!! Come 1st Jan 2005, the price of lots of stuff will be increased from toll rates to petrol/diesel (well who knows??), even newspapers will not be spared! All these will indirectly hit us on our daily consumptions ie food, transportation, clothings and what not. Sadly our salary does not increase accordingly!!!

Even lunch is getting expensive these days. Just for example, this regular hawker place we frequent. It doesn't have a name and we usually refer that place as "Siew Pai Kuat Farn" (Cantonese for Roasted Pork Rib Rice). Goodness gracious, the price had increased RM1 for those who order pai kuat and siew yoke (Cantonese for roast pork).

Strangely the usual char siew (roasted pork strips with sweetish sauce) & siew yoke rice remained the same price. Its kinda puzzling. Well either that or the Forever-Arguing-With-The-Wife fella decided to jack up the price just because he doesn't the face of the patron!! Heehehe

Hmmm but still did not hear people complaining, maybe because they're so delicious that it's worth its money???

If you don't mind the price and crowd (just need to be there early before 12.30pm), find your way to behind Istana Hotel, I forgot the road name, sorry. Turn into the road that houses Estana Cafe (corner). Siew Pai Kuat Farn is right at the end of this cafe beside errr an out-of-place "hotel".

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