Monday, 13 December 2004

Old Cucumber Leung Shui

Leung Shui or sometimes also known as leung char, literally translated as cooling tea, a drink to balance out the body's yin&yang thingy haha... well more like to cool (yin) down our heaty body (yang).

I bought this old cucumber hoping to turn it into a soup but something cropped up so I can't cook for that weekend. Had wanted to pass it on to my mum and she told me I could use my slow cooker to turn that into leung shui.

Oh what a brilliant idea cos its really easy to make. Wash the old cucumber with a brush. Cut it up into slices and discard all the seeds. I boiled the old cucumber with some rock sugar and lots of water in my slow cooker over night for about 6 hours.

It came out very "fragrant" and it's pleasant to drink. We scooped out the flash as we drink it for some bites. I think boiling them with a stove would render a more "ummphh" taste hehe

The other alternative of similar leung shui is to scrub clean a watermelon before cutting up. Then cut out all the red flesh to be consumed fresh. Reserve the skin (the white flesh and green skin) and chopped them into small pieces. Boil the skin with rock sugar and water for a couple of hours on the stove on a slow fire. This drink tastes very very nice. We love it! So it's kinda two-in-one thingy, what a wonderful fruit!!

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