Friday, 3 December 2004

Bad Stick???

Hehehe it's literally translated for Batang Buruk (Malay). It's actually a Malay delicacy usually available during festive seasons. It's a pastry roll filled with mung beans flour by the size of half an index finger perhaps. They don't look very appetising though, just plain powdery rolls which was why it was named Bad 'looking' Stick in Malay hahaha...

These days the Malays use popiah skin (can be found at supermarkets) to make the pastry roll. First they cut the popiah skin into smaller squares then roll it up. Apply some egg white to the end of the roll to stick them up. Next, fry them till light golden brown. Cool them. Next up, they'll dry fry mung beans flour till it's yellowish. Cool a bit then mix in castor sugar. They'll then painstakingly fill the rolls up with the flour mixture. It's best eaten fresh and to be stored in air tight container.

Allow me to describe the feeling of eating them... usually I'll pop one into my mouth then slowly crack up the crispy roll... wah sehhh the feeling of the mung beans flour bursting inside the mouth is simply divine hehehe... Kinda sensual hahaha!!! Gosh no choice cos I've been craving these for years. It is very hard to get good tasting ones in Kuala Lumpur. The good ones usually come from the state of Johor. I've had bad experience buying hard rolls instead of crispy ones. I've actually entasked my Malay colleague to help me get nice ones for more than 2 years!!!! Finally this year she managed to get for me, wahhh, I was in super duper heaven when I first popped my very first one after that many years of waiting.

Sighhh... now I gotta wait for another year or maybe Hari Raya Aidil Adha for my next sensual moment of downing Batang Buruk... sighhh....

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