Monday, 6 December 2004

Kids Are Darn Lucky These Days

Do you know why???

This is why... it's my boiboi first so called notebook hahaha!!! **Jealous man cos mummy also never owned any notebook before except the 555 type (a type of small notepad)**

This Powertouch thingy is really canggih (Malay word for awesome??)!!! Amazing!!! Million thanks to my cousin who bought him this toy. It's really a great toy to keep pre-schooler occupied and it's really educational too. Boiboi picked up quite a fair bit of words from the booklets. There are more booklets for us to buy though.

This is how it works... first place the booklet onto the Powertouch, then switch the power on. Touch the characters, words, virtually anything on the booklet and the Powertouch virtually sing; spell; say the words, colors, count; and so forth. Even mummy and daddy were fascinated!

It functions too without the booklet. When the alphabets are touched, the system actually name the alphabets followed by some words.

Powertouch is manufactured by Fisher Price retailing at RM299!!! So expensive but thank goodness I've a very generous cousin hehe and so happened she became my boiboi fave aunt. Still have to fork out RM50 plus for the booklet!!! Arrghhh... need to get some sponsorships soon tehehehe....

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