Monday, 20 December 2004

Restoran Makanan Laut Mushroom Farm, Genting Highlands

**This is a non-halal review!!!**

This is one of my hubby's fave place when we go to Genting Highland. Genting Highland is a resort located about 45 minutes drive away from KL. It's a popular place for the old and young. The old will go to casino for you know what... whilst the young love its theme park. This is the only place in Malaysia that has got a licensed casino operating in the country. Otherwise, gambling is illegal in this country!

Ok back to this place, I never knew its name until I really took note of it recently for the sake of this blog haha, yes hehee... How to get to this place?? Just follow the signboards in Genting that says "Mushroom Farm". It's really a place where they plant or rather farm mushrooms. You can take a visit inside one of those dark and musky rooms where they culture the mushrooms. You can buy fresh vegetables, mushroom and some souvenirs here.

There are two restaurants here, this one is located on the right as you enter the restaurant area. The reason hubby liked this place is the friendly staff and reasonabily priced food. However, one must know what to order cos not all dishes turn out nice.

First up that came was Salted Fish Pork Meat (Harm Yue Far Larm Poe). Thank goodness the meat was not too fatty. However, this dish lack of salted fish. No ummpphhh, so disappointing lerrr.

Next up was Fried KangKung Belacan*. This one is nice. The KangKung is fresh and crunchy just the way we liked it. Fellow blogger, Reid, managed to stir fry some recently.

Next up was my fave... Three Mushrooms Stir Fry with Beancurd Sheet (Dao Karn and not foo chuk). I always have the knack for this soy bean product. Its like layered beancurd sheets, the texture is slightly chewy. My last count of the type of fresh mushrooms used was like 4 and not 3 hahaha... lets see, oyster mushroom, enoki mushroom (also known as golden needle in Cantonese), shiitake mushroom and straw mushroom!!! It's basically fried in oyster sauce. We finished up everything!

Well this is an additional order that was not supposed to be ordered. This Pig Stomach in Hot Pepper Soup came from a separate stall selling Bak Kut Teh. Hubby ordered that and I was blinking at him as far as I'm concerned I think we've over ordered!!! Fancy eating all these and there were just the two of us excluding my boiboi??? Urrrghhh... anyway, it came piping hot in a claypot. It has pig's stomach and white snow fungus. The taste is simply not peppery enough - doesn't have the ummmpphhh factor!! So sad...

I can't recalled how much we've paid for this meal but it was reasonable. Should be less than RM50 with 2 bowls of white rice and a teapot of Chinese tea. Should have stick with the drunken chicken soup, steamed fish and prawns! Nevermind, there is always a next time...

* Belacan - Fishermen catch the shrimps, drain them of water, salt them immediately, then dry them on huge metal beds placed on low stilts. The salt and decaying shrimps will eventually combine into a semi-solid tightly compacted pulp. The pulp is then pressed through a mill and passed out as thread-like paste. The process is then reversed when the paste is repacked into sacks for a second round of fermentation. The fermentation process is repeated once more before full maturity occurs. The final product is chopped into bricks, resembling blocks of butter. The mark of the producer is lightly etched on top of each block with a name press brushed with vegetable oil. Family members then wrap the blocks, first with grease proof paper, followed by a plastic sheet then finally the outer wrap bearing the name of the product and manufacturer.

Belacan is used in countless local dishes: sambal belacan (de rigueur as a dip accompanying most Malaysian foods), laksa, belacan fried chicken, sambal tumis, fried cincaru, satay sauce and yummy rojak.

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  1. Hi, do you mind telling me how to get to the mushroom farm from genting? Possible to walk or must we drive? Can email me @ Thank you!

  2. I too was recommended to visit this makan place, will explore and give it a try, was told the resort hotel provide a shuttle service there?! otherwise not sure but looking at the map, its very near


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