Thursday 16 December 2004

Air Mata Kuching

There is this famous air mata kuching (literally translated as Longan Water) in KL's Chinatown (also popular known as Petaling Street). Each time hubby & I are in that area, we will naturally stop by this stall and drink the ahhhh soooo nice and cooling air mata kuching. Any KLites like me or hubby?? Hehehehe...

Since we hardly go to Chinatown these days, we'll usually boil some to enjoy it hot or cold ala Petaling Street style. The ingredients are pretty simple, just need to get some fresh winter melon (tung kwa in Cantonese), Buddha's fruit (loh horn guo in Cantonese), dried mata kuching flesh (longan in Cantonese) and some rock sugar.

I usually grate winter melon into thin strips. I've tried cutting them manually but somehow the results do not yield what I liked and it took longer to boil them. Well, unless you have very good knife skills to cut them really thin! Dunk them into a pot of water. Break up the Buddha's fruit into pieces and place them plus the dried mata kuching flesh into the pot. Boil until the winter melon turned transparent like. Add rock sugar to taste. Serve either hot or with crushed ice (which resembles the Petaling Street stall!!).

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