Monday, 18 April 2011

Lompat Tikam


I've posted the recipe here due to requests.


If you have the current copy of Flavours magazine, you would agree with me that the cover really made one salivate over! All the tea time treats in this edition are all really yummilicious looking. In fact when I first got my copy, I quickly got on my toes to make Lompat Tikam contributed by Rohani Jelani which looked so good. Lompat Tikam is basically a green pandan custardy layer topped with a white coconut milk layer and served with gula melaka syrup.

Lompat Tikam

Anyway, my version doesn't turned out as good as it looks :( the pandan colour is so pale in comparison and I think I know why lol cos Rohani's pandan leaves are huge and very green in colour. I have doubled the amount of leaves but yet the colour looked so pale sighhh. My version also doesn't set firm which I think maybe I did not cook it long enough. The pandan and coconut layers do not contain any sugar and it's sweetened by the addition of the gula melaka syrup which is great as we can control how sweet we prefer these to be.

Go grab this copy of Flavours for this Lompat Tikam recipe and other tea time treats or if you can't get a copy, do drop me a mail. My next mission is to recreate the sago kuih rolled in fresh grated coconut featured on the cover. Wish me luck!


I'm submitting this for Muhibbah Malaysian Monday blog event. This event is the brainchild of  Shaz (Test With A Skewer) and Suresh (3 Hungry Tummies). Read more here.


  1. Good luck with the Sago... I am sure the lompat tikam was not as bad as you picture it to be. Hahahaha...

  2. PA, it's a bit soft only and I really need all the luck in making kuihs. most times, its quite a disaster hahaha but usually would be ok by 2nd attempt

  3. arghhh.. i can't have a copy! my mother in law has it! haha.. it looks lovely babe!

  4. Look fabulous! And with the pandan, coconut and gula melaka, nothing can go wrong with these. I can't get a copy too, can you post the recipe online?

  5. Great entry. I must admit I have never had Lompat Tikam before but it sounds delicious. Will have to check out the mag too next time I'm back :) Thanks for taking part again.

  6. Daphne, perhaps you may ask your MIL to keep all the copies for you

    LCOM, I've posted the recipe, hope you'll enjoy it.

    Jason ;-) but not good to the waistline!

    Thanks Shaz

  7. I found your blog through malaysian monday, took part in it too! i must say, this sounds delicious!

  8. Hi Shu Han, thanks for coming by. The recipe can be found here


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