Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Review: Restoran Chat Masala (Vegetarian)

Phewwww... am so glad the PC is finally fixed. I so missed out reading all my fave blogs! Okie, let's roll...

Let's do some back logs. We visited Restoran Chat Masala back in January, the day before Ponggal festival and what a day to pick to drive through Brickfields *roll eyes* 45 minutes crawled from the police station to front of Chat Masala! Actually we wanted to check out another place further down but the just-after-lunch-hour-cum-Friday-cum-Ponggal jam was just really bad and we were both getting hungry! Law abiding Capt'n Hook couldn't even bothered to get a proper parking lot :p he just joined the shoppers and park by the road side. There's a massive sprucing up in Brickfields but seriously it's not helping with the parking and traffic woes here :( What a pity as the transformation was really colourful.

Anyway back to the restaurant... whilst Capt'n Hook went to park his car, I went to the restaurant to grab a place as it was jammed pack since it's a Friday where a lot of Indians go on vegetarian diet. I joined a lady who was finishing up her lunch. I managed to browsed at the dishes available at the heated server right up front and I couldn't believe they are all vegetarian dishes heh. I even checked with the staff twice kekeke but it's not helping when he kept saying it's Chicken Varuval, Mutton Curry etc! These vegetarian dishes are cooked using mock meat made of soy products, hence they do look and at times tasted like real meat.

We have a very simple lunch of vegetarian chicken varuval. Very spot on except the "chicken" was boneless :p

Vegetarian Chicken Varuval

Capt'n Hook had a tosai that is crispy on the sides. It was served with dhal and tomato chutney.


I had a chapati which was served with dhal and "chicken" curry. Too bad the chapati was pre-made, hence it's not a fluffy as I would like one. The dhal and curry are commendable though.


We both loved the fresh cow's milk masala tea! It's creamy but yet light and not overly sweet, just nice with the right hint of spices.

Fresh cow's milk masala tea

Seems like Chat Masala is popular with their afternoon snacks but they weren't available yet when we left the place. Capt'n Hook did pack some Indian sweetmeats back and he told me they were good and not sickly sweet unlike the usual sweetmeats. Anyway I do noticed that I do not need to ask for "kurang manis" (less sweet) these days after the rise on sugar price, was it just me?

I can't verify for sure if Chat Masala uses onions and garlic in their cooking but if you're looking for an Indian restaurant that do not uses onions nor garlic, do check out Gopala Vegetarian Restaurant which is located a short distance away long Jalan Thambipillai. Gopala serves not only Indian style food but a rather Malaysianised menu where the satay is really good.

Restoran Chat Masala
259G Jalan Tun Sambanthan
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2260 3244


  1. i've never dared to eat at brickfields' outlets. dunno where to park! maybe i should set a deadline to eat at chat masala before 2020 :D

  2. LOL Sean, yeah but the row along Woo Lan Restaurant is all right actually esp at night. Otherwise need a bit of leg work out. Perhaps can consider taking the monorail?

  3. I've been looking for a good vegetarian indian/punjabi restaurant but always get deterred by the parking problems. Sigh.

  4. actually Ping, you're quite right. I also loved one of the Indian vegetarian shop along Lebuh Ampang but this one can ride LRT to go there.


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