Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Chicken and Snow Peas Stir Fry

Chicken and SnowPeas Stir Fry

By now you would have know that I'm really a very lazy person *chuckle* cos most of my dishes are darn easy with little ingredients. However I'm very creative though hehe since I could create dishes with basic concepts but just go round varying the ingredients.

Chicken and Snow Peas Stir Fry is yet another easy peasy stir fry that goes well with rice. I usually don't like to stir fry my vegetables with meat as I prefered them plain but this dish was an all rounder with the chicken added.

Prepare a little water with a few dashes of oyster sauce added into it. Brown some garlic in oil before adding in pieces of chicken fillet marinaded with some soy sauce, white pepper and corn flour. Stir and cook chicken till a little brown. Add in sliced carrots and the sauce mix.

Let the chicken and carrots cook for a short while before adding snow peas and sliced baby corns. Stir for another 2 minutes or so, dish up and serve hot with rice.


  1. lazy? nah ..... just perfect for me. your simple dishes are "life savers" for me. without them, my family will be eating instant noodles EVERY nite. :) keep the lazy ... no, easy dishes coming.

  2. my grandmother used to cook this! i liked how the crunch of the snow peas mingled with the relative softness of the carrots. only problem is, it can seem like a bland dish after a few bites...

  3. This is my type of comfort food too. :)

  4. celine, lol ok ok

    sean, why? cos no pork in it? :p

    KY, yes and we should eat more colourful food as they are healthy :D

    *hi5* Little Inbox

  5. ohhh lazy is my middle name, first name and last name heheheh I love lazy but tasty dishes!

  6. no no.. not lazy! more time efficient ;) it's easy but a classic that every household should have done! LOL

  7. I love the beautiful colors this dish created. That's how I cooked it too. :)

  8. Rita, I guess we must be from the same "lazy" family lol

    kekeke I like how you put it Daphne :p

    LCOM ;-) yay *hi5*


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