Monday, 25 April 2011

Review: Weissbräu German Bistro & Bar


There seems to be an influx of non-halal German bistros and restaurants in Klang Valley for the past couple of years and Weissbräu German Bistro & Bar is one of them. Located at the Connection floor, Pavilion KL where the 2 rows of restaurants with alfresco dining are.

It was a very hot afternoon, Capt'n Hook can't resist a glass of Franziskaner (RM31.80++) to chill. I wish I could then indulge in one but alas I can't since I wasn't allowed to take cold drinks as I was on TCM treatment.

Franziskaner (RM31.80++)

For lunch, he ordered a Giant Wienerschnitzel (RM34.00++) even though he was thinking of having a pork knuckle but decided not to knowing that we might not be able to finish one. The Giant Wienerschnitzel is a deep fried breaded pork escalope (a piece of boneless meat thinned with mallet) served with mash potatoes and sauerkraut which he opted.  When it says "Giant", it really meant GIANT here. The whole piece of meat filled up the entire rectangular plate with excess meat hanging outside the plate!

Giant Wienerschnitzel (RM34++)

Just to show you that I'm not kidding that it's really gigantic... the piece of meat against the fork & knife! I think for us, this piece of meat could have fed three of us nicely. Capt'n Hook did not managed to finish this and ended up packing the remainder home.

Giant Wienerschnitzel

I felt like having a bit of everything, so I went for Alsatian Sauerkraut (RM38.00++) and opted for roesti for my carb. This platter has braised pork belly, loin and knuckle. These braised meats are rather plain tasting. The knuckle tasted like boiled meat. Wished the knuckle served is the roasted kind for variety sake since the other two parts were braised. There were two sausages on the platter which are frankfurter and nürnberger. Loved the grilled nürnberger here as I can taste the robust spices. At least the sausages here doesn't tasted like commercial factory made ones. Best dipped in mustard.

Alsatian Sauerkraut (RM38++)

The roesti (pan-fried shredded potato strips) served on a separate plate is done to perfection. The inside is  steamy soft whilst the outside is crispy! The sauerkraut is a winner too.

Roesti that came with the Alsation Sauerkraut

I can't say much about Weissbräu since we have only been here once. I supposed we need to try out more items on the menu to decide if they really lived up to being a good German bistro. The litmus test would of course the pork knuckle. Another time then...

Weissbräu German Bistro & Bar
Lot 3.05.02 & C3.16.00, Level 3,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2142 0288
Opens daily 10:00am to 1:00am (till 2:00am on Friday & Saturday)
Happy hours throughout the day till 9:00pm


  1. y'know, i think this might be the only outlet at that alfresco floor of pavilion that serves pork. oink! :D

  2. sean, eh last time that Crystal Jade dun serve pork? it's closed already though :p

  3. Crystal Jade closed down? *eyes still on the pork escalope


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