Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Steamed Pork Ribs with Bean and Salted Plum Sauce


Steamed Pork Ribs in Bean and Sour Plum Sauce

I saw Celine posted a Steamed Pork recipe recently and it's quite similar to this steamed pork ribs that my mother used to make. I supposed it's a dish where most of us, Chinese, used to have on our dinner table since we were young. You can find similar dish on dim sum trays.

This version has the combination of preserved bean sauce (mien si in Cantonese) and salted plum (comes in a glass jar). Let me guesstimate the ingredients, I've used about 300-400g spare ribs, 1.5 tsp (remember to use more if you're used to salty dish cos mine is the less salt version) minced preserved bean sauce, 1 salted plum (smash it a bit), 1/4 or less tsp sugar and 1/2 tsp cornflour. Just mix up all ingredients and marinade for around 20 minutes, then steam for 20 minutes or until ribs are cooked. You can scatter some chopped spring onions on top after steaming but I don't have any hence the ugly looking pic.

I've also made another version with the addition of fermented black beans which really enhanced the taste further.

I just search my blog and found this Steamed Ribs with Tasty Sauce! Totally forgotten about this recipe heh :p The ingredients are a little long but it does tasted tasty as it claimed.


  1. lol...this is one of my all time favourite dishes...thx for the guide to make this dish...awesome <<<my site

  2. i kinda imagine this recipe might taste great with some added soft boiled peanuts :D (ok, but don't listen to me, the only thing i've cooked in the last 15 years is maggi mee)

  3. Delicious! The one here has fermented black bean in it as well. Love this steamed ribs.

  4. i wonder how am i going to hunt for salted plum here. But this reminds me of home...

  5. plum sauce? sounds interesting! will definitely try it out. the guesstimate for me, right? thks babe, you know me TOO well - i needed it, else i will be lost. :) xoxo

  6. kumfye, it has been a pleasure

    sean, i think it's quite possible

    LCOM, you grew up with this right ;)

    Daphne, can omit but the plum sort of cut down the salt and bring out the flavour

    Celine, it's salted plum, click the link and you can see the bottles, not sauce. actually not only for you the guesstimates hehe cos a lot of new cooks need it too

  7. What? Where's the ugly pic? This looks yummy to me! I love this at the dim sum places. Now I can make it myself ... yay! Thanks!

  8. One of my favorite dish, I will flooded my rice with lots of the gravy, yummy~~~

  9. Looks good! Will try it soon. Thanks!


  10. Ping, not ugly meh??? hahaha

    Choi Yen, me too!

    Thanks Papa Cheong


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