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Review: Baba Low's 486 Bangsar

I've been reading about this little Nyonya place sometime back but never got a chance to give it a try as it was tucked away in the old housing area of Bangsar. Baba Low's 486 is located in a row of shop houses near Bangsar Heights. Since it's surrounded by houses, there isn't much parking spaces here but most times one can get lucky since most people doesn't park here for long.

Capt'n Hook decided to eat light but somehow he ended up ordering 3 appetisers and of course I took bites of them. The first was Tauhu Sumbat which is basically fried tofu stuffed with cucumber and turnips (sengkuang/jicama) strips drizzled with a sweetish chilly peanut sauce. Baba Low serves a rather plain tasting version with the flavourings only coming from the sauce.

Tauhu Sumbat (Stuffed Tofu)

Then there's a Otak-otak served with bread pieces. Kind of a first for us having them with bread. There are 2 largish pieces of cat fish (ikan keli) if not mistaken with bones and all intact. Capt'n Hook who dislikes to eat fish because of bad experience with its bones didn't like the idea of having otak-otak this way. For me, if one has the time to suck on to the meat and bones, then it could be enjoyable.


The popiah is well stuffed with cooked turnips, cucumber strips and sliced omelette. The skin looked homemade to me as it's thickish and not paper thin.


Then my piece de resistance, Nyonya Laksa! It came in a medium sized bowl and looked like a rather small portion but do not be fooled by it's size! The thickish santan (coconut milk) laced soup filled one up rather quickly. Luckily the noodles portion is just nice and has a good number of shredded chicken in it.

Nyonya Laksa

I have to order the cendol when Capt'n Hook was on his way for his second bowl. The ice is shaven fine piled over pandan tainted cendol strips and soft kidney beans topped with fragrant gula melaka and coconut milk. I concurred with Capt'n Hook that the cendol here is not too bad at all! The sweetness of the gula melaka is just nice and loved the creaminess of the coconut milk used here.


I've lost the receipt and I can't remember how much we have paid for this meal. The prices are more than coffee shop definitely and it's quite reasonable but I don't mind paying a little more since the restaurant is airy, spacious and quite comfortable, but most importantly the food is not bad to boost.

I was reading The Star and Baba Low's proprietor is from Malacca and is of Baba Nyonya descendant. The family owned an eatery in Malacca and I wonder if it's the one that is named 486 Baba Low?

Baba Low's 486 Bangsar
Lorong Kurau, Bangsar
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-324 7200 / 03-2284 8486
Business hours: 7.00am - 7.00pm (Mon-Sat)


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  1. Hmmm. I think the laksa is around RM5+?

    But yeah - yummy! Luv it too... Altho I hate how sleepy I get in the office if I've eaten it for lunch. :)

  2. I remember their menu is quite limited when my last visit a few years back :P

  3. I was there about two years ago, nice little eatery. The only complaint, parking can be quite a challenge but then, same goes to everywhere in Bangsar. Well, I could do with a bowl of laksa and cendol now, yummy!

  4. The otak-otak and Nyoya Laksa are very tempting.

  5. Went there with enough friends to order every single dish from the not too extensive menu. They complained the portions were small and weren't too impressed ... some of them very nyonya. Personally, I thought the laksa was the only dish worth coming back for.

  6. J, I think it's around there

    Choi Yen, seems like quite a number of items on the menu and board

    Angie, there are better Nyonya restaurants around but not this kinda kopitiam style.

    Simon, give it a go and let me know what do you think

    Ping, it's hard to maintain quality these days. owners usually hire other chefs to cook :( sad hor

  7. Can see the cendol's ice texture was very fine!

  8. Aaaaa...I am SO craving popiah now. My weakness. Must check out this place the next time I head home to visit the folks. I love Nyonya laksa too. Yum!

    Thanks for another great entry :)


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