Thursday, 21 April 2011

Mixed Vegetables and Tofu Stir Fry

First my PC acted up and now the modem... so I'm without internet at the moment. I will post up the Lompat Tikam recipe later on since there were requests for it. Here's a simple recipe (well not really a recipe since there isn't any measurements :p) while I sulk waiting for magic to happen.

This is another version of stir fry of whatever vegetables I found in my fridge. If you follow my blog, I tend to do this a lot, well to clear up whatever I have plus this let me to be creative once in a while heh.

I just needed a little bit of everything and they really do bulk up when put together. This time round, I have a little of cabbage, a stick of celery, a small segment of carrot, a few pieces of oyster mushrooms and half a piece of firm tofu. Sliced up the cabbage, celery and carrot.

Cut tofu into slim sticks and pan fry them with a little oil. Remove from pan when all sides are browned and set aside. Add a little oil if there isn't enough of it. Once it's hot, stir in chopped garlic. When it's fragrant, put the carrot and cabbage in. Sprinkle some water all over so that they both can soften a little. Add in the celery, mushrooms and tofu. Stir and season with salt and black pepper. Dish up and serve with steamed rice.

Mixed Vegetables and Tofu Stir Fry

So this is another one of my easy stir fry dish that contains lots of fibre and some protein.


  1. just checked that i have all the ingredients to "re-create" this dish for dinner tonight. off to ring my hubby for the tsp reqd for seasoning :) seriously, no kidding! (about ringing hubby) xoxo

  2. add some pumpkin chunks in this for extra sweetness! heheh :D

  3. That's the great thing about a stir fry, we can bulk out the dish with HEAPS of veges. Healthy!

  4. Yum! He he, I do this very often too. Half a piece of this, a little bit of that, voila, dinner!

  5. Love stir fry. A great way to whip up a meal and clean up the leftovers in fridge.

  6. I often do this too. Look at the fridge and make a dish from what's avail. without any recipe in mind. I like it!

  7. Yes, a little of this and that will make a heap, no strict measurements!

  8. Celine, no kidding??? still cannot taste and adjust along the way? :p

    Sean, perhaps one day I might try that

    Daphne, ya ya and one can't go wrong with stir fries

    ;-) Michelle

    Shaz, easy peasy huh?

    Hi Christine. Totally agree with you.

    Jason ;-)

    tigerfish, I guess Chinese stir fry is the easiest to cook up

    ;-) No Frills Recipe

    LCOM, everyone's favourite!


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