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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Google Voice Search now in Bahasa Malaysia

We were invited to the launch of Google Voice Search in Bahasa Malaysia recently courtesy of Google Malaysia. Funny you might think why food bloggers were invited to such event but really it's all cos we have been using Blogger since 2004 and their PR company, Emerald Communications, picked Babe in the City - KL up last year for Google 10th year anniversary interview with NST. We are indeed honoured to be recognise as one of the loyal users of Blogger :D

Andrew McGlinchey

Anyway back to the launch, Andrew McGlinchey, Product Manager of Google SEA announced the availability of Google Voice Search in Bahasa Malaysia which is essentially knowns as Carian Suara for mobile phone users of Android 2.1, 2.2, iPhone and Blackberry. You can access it via Next, Hanson Toh, Country Consultant, Google Malaysia demonstrated how this Carian Suara works.

Hanson Toh

With this Voice Search, after selecting Bahasa Malaysia as your choice in the setting, all one need to do is click on the microphone button next to the search bar and speak directly into your phone in Bahasa Malaysia (or the other 19 languages that Voice Search recognises). The next thing you know, your list of search results will be displayed!


This really makes things easier since well you know, how small the keypads are on these smart phones, not really helping when one has fat fingers like mine :p You'll see the same search results as you would typed your query, alphabet by alphabet but in a quicker and accurate manner.



We have tested the accuracy... seriously it managed to spell out my query of Char Koay Teow and displayed the results! Impressive indeed. It also worked with longer sentences, all you need to do is speak clearly into your phone and voila, the sentence will appear in the query together with the results.

Voice Search is indeed making our mobile usage fast, easy, efficient and convenient! Go activate Google Voice Search at


Other than this feature, we got a glimpse of another very helpful search which is now in beta version. It's search by image known as Google Goggles. Using your mobile phone, capture a picture of landmark, work of art, or products. Google will then scan that image and identify what it is and display the search results, just as you would have typed a query in the search. Go download and try it out now, really cool stuff! Wowwee how time has evolved eh?

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