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Review: Paya Serai @ PJ Hilton

Edited 11:21am to add Bangsar Babe's link.

Capt'n Hook and I have the opportunity to check out Paya Serai (certified Halal) at PJ Hilton last week courtesy of PJ Hilton and theQguides.

Cumi & Ciki, The Nomad Gourmand, Places and Foods, Bangsar Babe and us were ushered into a room for a briefing right before dinner. Frat's boss started off first before Cindy of PJ Hilton introduces Zest, PJ Hilton's blog to us. I find it really cool for a hotel to have a blog to update patrons of what they have to offer plus the latest promotions and such. It's sooo different from the other hotels which I find them errmmm cold?? Zest is so informative as you can see all outlets from rooms to restaurants and the hotel's activities. Such a nice way to reach out instead of calling up asking for promos held.

PJ Hilton - briefing

We have to draw lots to decide which restaurant we get to go out of Toh Yuen, Genji and Paya Serai and we got ourselves Paya Serai! I'm so shy to admit that the last I stepped into Paya Serai was definitely more than 10 years ago for a Ramadhan buffet. Paya Serai was very popular then and I really had a shocked when I see tables being set right along the corridor and walkways surrounding the restaurant. I was told that Paya Serai is still very HOT up till now for Ramadhan buffet and the same scenario exist year in year out even though they have set up the ballroom for the buffet with the same line up but yet patrons would insist to be seated in the restaurant.

Staying true to their Malay heritage, this year the buffet will carry the Citarasa Kampung theme, special lines have been provided for you to make your Ramadhan buffet reservation. Call +603 7955 9122 ext 4260/4261 now! Cindy told us that they have started to receive reservations since 3 weeks back so hurry ok. *whisper* Psssttt don't say I didn't inform... the first 3 days have special pricing in conjunction of PJ Hilton's 25th anniversary. Shhhh check the details here.

Paya Serai has given an uplift and it certainly looked more contemporary now. I was told the current theme is Malay cuisine. I toured the buffet lines and stations... very impressive indeed. So much so that I was traipsing up and down deciding what to place on my plate until Head Waiter Andy had to ask me if I needed any help :p

PJ Hilton Paya Serai

There were Asian appetisers - satay, different types of keropoks (crackers), ulam and salted fish to go with the various sambal and dips.

Paya Serai - asian appetiser

Western appetisers were served as well and I am delighted to annouce that they serve real SALTED butter. I have to cos I know FBB, Nigel and Capt'n Hook really hated it when establishments offer unsalted butter :D

Paya Serai - western appetisers

So many traditional Malay dishes were offered which make it really hard for me to list them all down!!! However, spotted were various rendangs and curries, gulai ikan masin, briyani gam, and etc. I didn't get to try all though :p but those that I've tried were good. We loved the grilled sotong with air assam, yums.

Paya Serai - Malay dishes

Other than Malay, there were Western, Indian and Chinese goodies ranging from pasta, tandoori chicken, rotis, stir-fried loh shue fun (rice noodles) and I could go on and on but just check out the pics here...

Paya Serai - western dishes

Paya Serai - Chinese dishes

The best part of course was the dessert line. I was impressed with the traditional Malay goodies like badak berendam, putu kacang, wajik, akok (a Kelantanese dessert), kek lapis, cendol and so forth. The best one that really took the cake was serawa durian!!! Yes no kidding ok, a hotel serving durian dish when durian is banned from the rooms hahaha... Even though it's cooked but the smell is still pungent, sorry Cindy :p Capt'n Hook and I loved this and hopefully I can re-create this, hey, what a brilliant idea, I could make this for our virtual open house!!!

Paya Serai -  Malay desserts

Western desserts were available as well like cakes, cheesecakes, puddings, ice-cream... Just like Bangsar Babe, I loved their Bread and Butter Pudding but mine's the chocolate version which is soooo chocolaty. I told Andy that this gave me a great idea to come out with my own version.

Paya Serai - Western desserts

Capt'n Hook loved the fruits selection as it's totally different from the usual papaya, watermelon and honeydew melon!!! There were starfruit, dragonfruit, langsat, mata kuching, pulasan and buah salak!

Paya Serai - fruits n local desserts

We adjourned to Uncle Chilli's thereafter with the rest of the floggers and partied till way after midnight :p Errr we were given special treatment and got targetted by the beauties from the band Manila Spice. Some of us retreated to the back so much so that Elaine (also from PJ Hilton) shouted "all cowards" kekeke *ahem*

Uncle Chili's Manila Spice

Uncle Chilli's seems to be back in the PJ limelight with theme nights held. There was Nurse Nite... just check out the photos, so happening eh! There is also Bunnies Nite with the grand finale coming up just this Sat (1 August)... imagine 12 pole-dancing bunnies in their sexy outfits serenading you... so you party people - be there or be square!

Thank you Cindy, Elaine, Andy and Ruban of PJ Hilton and Lisa, Jek and Frat of theQguides for the hospitality.

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Hilton Petaling Jaya Hotel

No 2 Jalan Barat,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: (+603) 7955 9122


  1. is the serawa somewhat like a pengat?
    looks kinda same though.

  2. We had a blast didn't we?? Looking fwd to the 1st!

  3. I would have to sleep in the restaurant if I were to finish trying the entire range of food! Didn't realise there was soooooo much variety. Thanks for the shots =)

  4. J2Kfm, yeah cos this is made with santan and sugar as well

    TNG ;-) err wats happening on the 1st?

    hahaha Lisa, did u check my flickr album?? got pics of wat i ate!!! hahaha ermmm very little stuff only :p wasted leh

  5. TNG - 1st....the finale bunnies party rite;)

    Glad all of you had a blast of time. Hope to meet again.


  6. oppsie hahaha yohhh i'm so blurrr... yes the bunnies tomorrow :p Thanks Cindy

    errr anyone wanna babysit my boiboi tomorrow so that we can hop and bob with the bunnies???

  7. Paya Serai's buffet spread is always good - lots of variety & tasty! One of my fave places to go whenever i hv guests - the local spread is amazing!

  8. I didn't know there was a choc version of B&B pudding! There weren't any oysters the last time I went... =(

  9. I saw my buah salak. Immediately lau-nuah........

  10. I think those of us who were at Paya Serai learned a lot listening to Capt’n Hook's stories.

    I am so glad... the "exciting" photos at Uncle Chilli's did not make an appearance! :P

    See you soooooooon.

  11. PG ;-)

    Bangsar Babe, that shows they really rotate their menu every day huh?

    teng, nearly wanna tarpau some for you

    Frat, hmm i think dat time i was busy taking pics of the huge huge spread :p u r lucky cos those pics were in yr camera!

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