Tuesday, 14 July 2009

My Recent Whirlwind Trip to Penang

As I was chatting with the organisers of my recent whirlwind trip to Penang, I found out from them where they have booked the hotel that we stayed in. Apparently HotelsCombined gave them a good deal in terms of pricing and was able to entertained the requests of the organisers.

It's not an easy feat to handle the booking of rooms of 12 families with the various requests on combination of rooms and beds arrangement but they managed to do it.

I've check out HotelsCombined myself and the prices looked pretty attractive as we might be going to Penang again and I'm impressed that it also covers hotels from a lot of cities round the world!!! The best part is the search facility where it searches the best travel sites and displays the best prices at once and from there you can find the cheapest price. Wonderful isn't it instead of trawling a few sites to do the same thing?

Hopefully I would be able to meet up with the Penang floggers this time round!


  1. NKOTB, i definitely will ;-) but not so soon though need to keep check with my boiboi's holiday


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