Friday, 24 July 2009

Häagen-Dazs' Sensual Summer Moments

haagen dazs mosaic01

Häagen-Dazs launched their latest summer flavour of Apricot and Cream with a fashion show showcasing the works by Janchittra Tantikarn, Md Hussein Bin Rosman and Joan Lim from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

I was invited to this summer soiree at Bangsar Village II to witness the launch with the theme Sensual Summer Moments. Finger food were catered from Marmalade Cafe and of course we were served Apricot and Cream ice-cream and a drink called Summer Breeze, both available now at all Häagen-Dazs outlets. This flavour is light and fruity with bits of apricots embedded beneath the creamy ice-cream.

haagen dazs mosaic02

This summer some creations were designed for both dining-in and take-away, so head out to the nearest Häagen-Dazs to check them all out.

Daphne Iking was the emcee for the night, I tell you, she looked so svelte and splendid and her daughther is sooo cute! Once the Managing Director of HPL, the master franchisor of Häagen-Dazs is done with his speech, the fashion show got started.

haagen dazs mosaic03

The designs of the dresses were inspired by the summer colours of apricot and cream; and we saw lots of playful baby-doll cut complete with pleats and ruffles dresses in the different hues of pale orange, yellow, peach, and apricot. The models looked so elegant and poise in these flirty little numbers.

haagen dazs mosaic04

The show ended with some of these models bringing out the latest ice-cream creation where the media photographers all rushed up front to snap pics whilst the food bloggers, errr with their butts stuck to the chairs. Not sure about the rest, kinda shy to bring out p&s to compete with their canggih dslr.

Media scrambling for pics

Once the event was over, food bloggers like Ruth, Rachel, FBB, Bangsar Babe, Paprika, TNG and J congegrated to say hi to each other. I knew Pink Parisian is there but I dunno where is she since I've never met her before :p. Hey, Frat was there too and he can't wait to dive in to some Apricot and Cream.

Frat sniffing ice-cream

Thank you Regina of Pat-Lin Communications for the invite.

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Photo credit: Some photos were supplied by Frat and from the blogger's kit.


  1. wow..u mean u guys posted alrei?
    ok to speed up ;)

  2. Hi Babe! I was looking everywhere for the food bloggers but I was late so was standing around at the back. Next time they should give us tags that say "Bloggers" then we will know to indentify each other! Hope to meet you next time :D

  3. That ice-cream certainly sounds dreamy! apricots.. yum. Wish I could taste some now. Hagan diaz can be expensive but they are good!

  4. haagen daaz has always been my all time favourite ice cream together with ben and jerry's. congratulations on your 5 years blog. love your blog.

  5. i just read abt Frat at Lyrical Lemongrass, and now he is here too... ^_^

  6. Haha..
    Yeah - I think I had the same feeling when I saw all the media rushing up with their canggih DSLRs..... and I looked down at my (almost) rusty ol' Exilim and thought :"Erm,.. I love you but I think we better just sit down here - ok, baby?"..

    Anyway, was so nice meeting you (and Captain Hook). Sorry couldn't join for dinner after that... :(

  7. Hmm... this new flavour looks v refreshing & light - must try it soon!

  8. so cute.. looks like frat is everywhr these days.. :P

  9. After the HD and NZN my tongue kind of got twisted. The usual fares I had tasted bland.

  10. take yr time TNG

    awww Paris B, but at least you got 2 cups of ice-cream. we only managed one!!!

    no doubt about it Daphne

    Thanks Cindy

    ling, Frat was here sometime back oredi :D just that you din notice him until he was put thru all the ordeals kakaka

    ;-) J, no problem. there will always be next time

    PG, it's quite light

    c&c, seems like we cant avoid him!

    WW, we only want the best :D

  11. i just know that, ice cream have such a launching oo.. the flavour is plain yet tempting.


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