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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 17 July 2009

Aiks, My First Roti Canai of The Year

Hahaha could you believe it? Half a year have gone in 2009 and I just had my first full one piece roti canai. Other times snipping off other people's plate not counted!!!

On Monday, Capt'n Hook ajak me to eat roti canai for dinner and I said yes. He was shocked cos I don't usually eat roti canai plus I was still recovering from my cough. He asked me a few times "Are you sure?" hahaha adoi.

Anyway we went to our usual haunt Al Amnah at Selangor Mansion, Masjid India. Capt'n Hook ordered his usual Roti Telur Bawang. For myself, I wanted something different from the usual stuff hahaha yes but how different can the roti turn out right, Capt'n Hook always said that I'm always the one that menyusahkan saje!

I saw "Roti Canai Special RM2.30" on the board and proceeded to ask them what it is. The server replied "Roti canai banjir tambah 2 telur setengah masak atas". Wowwww... yummsss I think I already liked the special a lot and ordered one. I can't resist having my roti shredded up with dhal poured all over and a dollop of sweet sambal on the side PLUS topped with 2 half boiled eggs!!! I know this is not something new but I've never eaten it before as I usually prefer having thosai or chapati.

Roti Special (RM2.30)

Are you salivating now?

Hehehe darn delish, I tell ya! My only mistake was not ordering the roti to be freshly done. Mine was from one of the many plain rotis stacked up to almost 6" high pile where the steam have made the roti turned a bit soggy.

Dinner was great, even greater washing down with a glass of KL's best teh tarik!

KL's best Teh Tarik (RM1)

Al Amnah Restaurant
No. 2 Ground Floor
Selangor Mansion
Jalan Masjid India
Kuala Lumpur
Coordinates: 3°9'7"N 101°41'50"E

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foodbin said...

this roti is real special-would taste better if it's freshly made.

starzgate said...

whoa, never knew got roti canai special like this 1, with 2 half boiled eggs? looks yummy to me

Rarebeet said...

OMG!!! I am loving that roti drowned in sauce tambah telurs! WOW! Now thats a meal!

Wilson Ng said...

Hate to be an ass... Roti banjir is a no no to me... I loved the crispy roti...

See u soon!

Vivien said...

wow, it looks so goood, never heard of such roti

KY said...

that looks like a plate of pure cholesterol overload, love it! :P

Babe_KL said...

:( yalor foodbin

stargaze it is very yummy, you should try it

Paprika ;-)

yeah me too Wilson but i just felt like trying this

Vivien, try it one day

hahaha KY, the more artery clogging the more delisH!!

Shortcake said...

wow ... i never knew roti canai can look this good ... can't show this to my hubby ... he will go crazy!

celine said...

super yummy delicious looking ........ never seen such "special" before. not a fan of roti canai, i am eye-ing the gorgeous eggs. think i will make a trip to the shop tomorrow.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I.also.want!!! Maybe I'll have the combo above...WITH mutton curry on top! =P

Rebecca Saw said...

eggs?? eggs!!
gimme gimme gimme!

Cindy Khor said...

yup, its me 1st time seeing this version of roti canai, and by the looks of it, extremely tasty...

rinaz said...

I miss eating Roti Canai / Roti Prata. Looks good. If only I could reach it ...

I've never seen Roti Canai eaten with egg before though .. hehehe

minchow said...

Out of this world!! I'm not usually a canai fan... don't believe I've had my first one yet, and it's already mid July! :-P But with this concoction, I won't be able to stay away long! Legendary!

Anonymous said...

Gosh...I forgot how much I miss roti canai and teh tarik until I saw your blog! Sigh..I miss the food :(

Botak or Baldy said...

Wow!! I used to have this in the mid 90's... and now it is part of the menu... I prefer with fish curry though.

Babe_KL said...

Shortcake, I hope he wont lick the screen :p

skinnymum, my biggest supporter hahaha did you like it???

:D bangsar babe

TNG, you another egg fan??? :p

cindy & rinaz, can get frozen roti there or not?

550ml jar of faith, this one very lethal!

awww sorry funkynomadeats :( wish you could taste them

Botak, my hubby also likes fish curry

Tummythoz said...

DARN! I still cannot find that shop! Grrrr..

Babe_KL said...

tummythoz, the stall below the orangey colour Selangor Mansion is facing the river. there is a pedestrian bridge in front of it going across the river to Jalan Ampang (next to Amanah Raya/StanChart). hope you'll find it this time.

Flower said...

What this is cruel, really kejam. Roti canai banjir somemore. TAruk telur lagi.

Babe_KL said...

arrghhh sorry flower hahaha ermmm you want me to courier some frozen roti canai wid kuah to you??? :p