Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Stir-Fried Bee Hoon (Zhau Mai Fun)

Stir-fried Bee Hoon (chow mai fun)

We usually have this type of stir-fried bee hoon (rice vermicelli) followed by Red Beans & Lotus Seeds Tong Shui (Sweet Soup). This is the commonly cooked zhau mai fun that one can find at home, economical stalls, parties and so forth. In Restoran Hong Ngek, it's known as Tong San Zhau Mai.

Very easy peasy to cook, soak the bee hoon (I liked Erawan brand from Thailand, the one with the elephant picture on it) for about 10-15 mins and drain them. In a hot wok, heat up some oil, then add in chopped garlic. Fry till fragrant before adding sliced chicken fillets (marinaded with soy sauce, sesame oil and some cornflour). Fry the fillets till cooked before adding shelled prawns. Once the prawns are cooked, add in choy sum.

Once the choy sum turned limp, pour in some water (should be just enough to cover the bee hoon. Add in seasonings like oyster sauce, a few dashes of fish sauce (can omit this), dark sauce sauce, white pepper, some salt (can be omitted if you find the oyster sauce is good enough) and a bit of sugar to bring out the flavour. When you taste at this stage, you might need the liquid to be slightly more salty as adding the bee hoon later will make it flat a bit.

Once the liquid is boiling, add in the bee hoon. Let it cook until almost all liquid is gone. Then start stirring until it's dry and start sticking to the wok. You can continue to fry until it's completely dried up or could dish it up as it is.

Best served with loads of sambal belacan on the side.

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  1. I agree with you, i like the fried bee hoon + red beans tong shui... it should be in pair.. :) looks yummy....

  2. yes yes.. those stalls tht sells these econ meehoon, etc plus tong shui! Missed those!
    In chan sow lin there's a stall and in brickfields whr the Peter Pork noodles is got atr one!

  3. there's one very popular one in happy garden,old klang road, it's at the same corner as phang kee dim sum which operates in the morning while this thong shui stall which have tons and tons of other stuffs operate in the afternoon until ard 3 or so

  4. economical and simple!! I like!! Best to eat with sambal belacan!!!

  5. i love huge crispy prawns with beehoon and loads of belacan! addictive

  6. yes Jade hahaha you can't possibily miss them not being together somehow

    TNG, try the wet market, they usually have this but not all have tong shui though

    LCOM, a lot of ppl i knew likes bee hoon and you can dress it however way you like it and the beehoon can still turn out great hor?

    dcky, tar pau breakie for me??? :p

    NKOTB & C&C, yes yes yes must eat with sambal belacan otherwise like not complete :p

  7. i love fried mee hun with those canned fatty pork and some giant prawns.. and if there's some overnight siu yok.. ahhh heaven!


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