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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Review: Tokyo Seafood Restaurant


My uncle and family whom have migrated to Canada came back for a visit. He tried to come to this Tokyo Seafood Restaurant but couldn't find his way here. After asking my another uncle, he decided to bring him here, of course I got invited along as well :p

We used to come here for their signature fresh water prawn dish and their oh so huge frogs (the body alone is bigger than my palm)!!! Somehow with the amount of new places popped up, Tokyo somehow sunked into our forgotten radar. I was really looking forward to this visit!

When we arrived there on a weekday, I was very surprised to see it empty! I remember this place usually packed to the brim. My uncle was wondering too cos he said usually it's packed. He said lunch time is super packed.

Since my uncle was hosting, he sort of like ordered almost all their signature dishes. Too much dishes and the portion was way too much. They should have proportion them according to the number of dishes ordered. Anyway, we still dugged in with gusto.

Salad Tofu (if not mistaken this is the right name) is deep fried white tofu, topped with julienned turnips and cucumber drizzled with a sweet sticky chili sauce ermm almost like the Thai sweet chili sauce. The final sprinkling of chopped peanuts finished the dish. The tofu is absolutely crispy on the outside but soft and smooth on the inside. The sauce and vegetables strips complimented well.

Salad Tofu

This simple deep fried fish with soy sauce was nice but the fish is a little over fried.

Deep Fried Fish

Next we have clams (lala) done kum hiong style. I wasn't impressed with this but the lala that came was rather big in size.

Kum Hiong Lala

This kangkungsweet potato shoots (thanks to Mimi hahaha my bad) fried with belachan doesn't pack a punch at all and the kangkung were kinda limp.

Stir-fried KangKung Belachan

We have this plate of brinjals which is one of the signature dish. It was good but by the time this came I was quite stuffed so didn't eat much.

Stir-fried Brinjal

Pork is a must for big family feast, hence we have the pork knuckle ala German. No doubt the skin is crispy but I feel its a bit over fried that the meat part is a little dry. The sauce that came was pretty tasty.

Crispy Pork Knuckle

Next we have this dao bao (made of soy bean sheets) cooked with yue piew (fish maw). The dao bao absorbed the flavour of the sauce which made this dish rather good.

Beancurd (dao bao) and fish maw (yue piew)

Now the star of the dishes is this signature fresh water prawns. The prawns were huge and meaty, very fresh too! There were something like crispy nai yau (buttery) bits but it doesn't taste like butter. I tasted something Chinese herby on them but I can't pinpoint so I asked the boss when he came by. Ohh so the secret ingredient was superior quality dong kwai (angelica)!!! These powdered dong kwai are sprinkled over during cooking, no wonder it tasted kinda special. This is a must order dish in Tokyo, if you don't believe, check what Julian had here.

Tokyo Signature Fresh Water Prawns

No frog dish that night as there is no stock. Overall, I felt there were hits and misses, perhaps they were cooking bigger portions to be separated into two tables of about 16 people. Not sure how much the bill came up too since uncle paid for it.

This place is nearby Restoran Satu Ikan Tiga Rasa. From Kepong/FRIM just go straight on until the traffic light junction of the bridge/flyover from Selayang, or from Jalan Ipoh, turn right at the bridge/flyover. Continue straight until roundabout and take 9 o'clock. It's a industrial area, just go on straight and you should be able to see the shophouses. Tokyo Seafood Restaurant is right at the corner lot.

Tokyo Seafood Restaurant
7456 Jalan 1,
Taman Selayang Baru,
68100 Batu Caves,
Tel: (603) 6138 99312
Map here.

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Julian Si said...

Thanks so much for remembering my little writeup from a long time ago ... those sambal, oops ginseng prawns were my favourite!!

I miss Malaysia... hi from Abu Dhabi!

J2Kfm said...

dong guai on the prawns? that's new. but does the taste match? rich, buttery prawns, with sharp, herbal-ish dong guai.

Rebecca Saw said...

too bad no frogs.. i'm so craving for some frogs now..

minchow said...

Hmmm overfrying seems to be the modus operandi here! The prawns got my stomach juices going though!

Food For Tots said...

The signature water fresh prawns sounds interesting. Will bookmark this place when I'm back to KL. ;)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh, I love the idea of adding powder "dong kwai" onto the prawns. I need to remember this and create my own version. :)

Caleb said...

Hi Babe, thanks for the link add. Your link should be up in our "links" section in no more than a hour. thanks and happy blogging!!!

Wilson Ng said...

hey sorry about the mix up of the sang kee thingy...

the prawns look very interesting... itchy to go there now...

choi yen said...

The veggie look like sweet potato leaves o.O''

HairyBerry said...

ohhh, i remember those huge prawns. i think my last visit was about ten years ago. omg! the taste is really interesting because it has a herbal flavour to it. but we thought it was quite expensive. yummy nevertheless.

Rasa Malaysia said...

I don't know why Malaysia don't import/farm more of those fresh water prawns (like Thailand) or big Sri-Lankan crabs (like Singapore). We have such great cooking styles but still limit to the same old tiger prawns, small domestic mud crabs. Why huh? I never understand.

But I am glad that fresh water prawns are popping up more often now. My brother told me across from Penang island (forgot the name of the town), they have farmed fresh water prawns now. Next time I go back, must go buy/catch some back. Hehe.

Babe_KL said...

poor jules, you'll have to start cooking Malaysian d!!!

J2Kfm, it's just a hint of powdered dong guai, not overwhelming at all. don't think you'll ever knew its dong guai!!!

TNG, yalor maybe next time

550ml jar of faith, seems lke it!!! the prawns were saves as they're baked i think

;-) food for thots

LCOM, it's just a hint of dong guai which can't be detected, funny i dunno how to describe :p

thanks caleb

no problem wilson

thanks mimi, you have sharp eyes haha

nic, i know the frogs and fresh prawns here cost an arm and a leg but luckily they tasted good

bee, its the local goverment way to protect the local farms :( you'd be surprised too that some local farms are farming exotic seafood like yabbies etc!!