Thursday, 2 July 2009

Review: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen


I must be the last of the floggers to blog about this place :p in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Together with Miss Sweet 16, we went to check out Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen some time back, yeah I know very back cos in between, we have been to Shang Palace and Rama V already and I've yet to write about this one :p

Anyway, we decided to try the fried chicken and fish even though they have various other stuff like fried shrimp, rice and sandwiches. We've gotten the set that came with a biscuit, coleslaw and mash potatoes.

Popeye's Mash Potatoes with Cajun Gravy n Coleslaw

We asked for both mild and spicy for our 2 pieces chicken set. We both decided that the spicy one tasted better even though well, it's not that spicy. The mild was kinda disappointing as the flavours were concentrated on the outer skin.

Popeye's Fried Chicken

I loved the fried catfish though. The fish were fresh and tender amist the crispy coating surrounding it. Funny I have to ask them for the tartare sauce. Don't these fish automatically to be served with tartare sauce?

Popeye's CatFish

The coleslaw is pretty normal but I kinda like the mash as it came with Cajun style gravy which tasted almost like a chili. However, the biscuit is really smashing! It's fluffy almost like my scones except this is savoury. Miss Sweet 16 and I loved the crumbly and buttery biscuits a lot.

My verdict is, for fast food fried chicken... I'll stick to KFC but I'll definitely come here for the fried fish and biscuits. Hmmm I think would be great to bring my boiboi here for some fish since he's not a big fan of fish, wonder what's his reaction and comment would be :p

Oh yeah, whilst I was washing my hands at the sink, there were some plastic drawers on the console next to it. One of them was labelled "spork". I was telling Miss Sweet 16 and we were both wondering was there a typo or what until our food was brought to our table. Amist our food, there's this utensil...

Popeye's spork

Spork or no spork??? Hahahaha... spoon + fork = spork!

Sorry no prices since Miss Sweet 16 paid for the meal. Thank you Miss Sweet 16 :D

Noticed we did not have any desserts? We went off to Namaste which is located on the row just behind of Popeyes to have some Chai. I liked the Chai here as it's not sickly sweet with a hint of spices. Thinking of trying the food here some day, well, have to wait till I say bye bye to my cough.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (603) 7710 1198

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  1. You're definitely not the last, I haven't been there yet. :P

    I have been to popeyes quite a number of times back in the States tho

  2. Babe, I agree with you! I'd stick to KFC for the chicken, but for sides, definitely Popeye's! ;)

  3. hehe..nopes... ya definitely not the last!

  4. The mash and biscuits sound like winners!! I shall stay away from the fried chicken, not a big fan anyway... but yeah the sides will make me a true fan! I also join the line of people who have not yet stepped into this joint!

  5. spock?!! so that's how the Star Trek captain's name was derived from .. what a tool.

  6. chicken a bit dry... loved the mash though...

    im no big fan of their biscuits... sorry... but that was back then...

    I do agree with u, stick wif KFC...

  7. the spork looks wonderful !

    waiting nex for babebsg, for that would be the

    nex perfect recipe...

  8. U definitely not the last lah, I never been there also, haha :-)

  9. KY, TNG, 500ml jar of faith & Mimi, dun worry guys, you din miss anything there :D take your time :p

    ;-) Bangsar babe

    J2Kfm, salah spelling!!! kekeke

    wilson, maybe they're not consistent?

    BSG, u no invite me??

    c&c, yalor and so I know now :p

  10. i was last of the floggers who tried it but...i did not blog bout it as not too great, the fish was quite yummy but after the meal, i feel all queasy!


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