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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 3 August 2009

Steamed Tofu With Minced Meat

My mom make this a lot as it's simple and healthy, plus hardly much cleaning up since it's a steamed dish. My boiboi loves this, hence I created this at home using very very basic ingredients which one can easily subtitute with others. One of the best dish to hide vegetables for fussy kids.

All one need is minced meat, here I've used minced chicken fillets which you can substitute or have a mixture of fish paste, prawn paste, or pork, if using chicken or pork, do add some water to the mixture to soften it. Add in chopped or diced carrots, and/or turnips and/or water chestnuts, very flexi here, some spring onions will be nice as well. Pour in some soy sauce and pepper to taste. Mix in some cornflour thoroughly. Set aside.

We use the smaller tubes of egg tofu, if not mistaken it's RM2 for 3 tubes but can use the larger tubes. Cut the tube into half then halves the tofu lengthwise, so each tube will make 4 pieces. Arrange the tofu on a heat proof platter. Place the minced meat mixture on top of the tofu pieces.

Steamed Tofu With Minced Meat (uncooked)

Steam the tofu pieces for about 12-15 mins, I'm using an electric steamer so you might need to adjust your timing according to the heat. Serve hot with rice.

Steamed Tofu With Minced Meat

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Par said...

I love to eat that with garlic, scallion, oyster sauce.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hmmm...probably I will cook this today. I like healthy dishes.

foodbin said...

i've tried steamed tofu with fishpaste-must be more flavorful with minced meat.

PureGlutton said...

Very healthy and simple to cook *thumbs up!*

daphne said...

Oh yes! Esp with the marinated meat on top. Healthy and nice!

Babe_KL said...

sky, sounds nice, thanks for the idea

LCOM, me too esp fuss free like this one

foodbin, yes actually with prawns is even sweeter

PG, ;-) Moms are best :D

easy peasy huh daphne?