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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Review: Chicken Duck Rice @ Semua House Food Court


The place where I work now is freaking too far to walk to our fave lunch hang out places. Since we're back in the HQ where all the hawk eyes are watching, it's hard to have leisurely lunch. So most times I bring my own food, otherwise will just pack my lunch nearby. Having pork dishes are also out of the question unless and until I go over to Masjid India area to run some errands.

Yes, you heard me!!! There is pork in Masjid India area and it can be found inside Semua House Food Court. One part of the food court have non-halal stalls which I only discovered quite recently :p heh. Most times I only managed to stop at the little bakery but once I walked down a few steps and stumbled upon rows of glistening char sius (BBQ pork), siu yuk (roast pork) and of course plump just roasted chicken. Err so far I haven't seen any duck despite the name etched above the stall.

I've packed the rice back a few times since I hardly have much time to sit down and eat. I was even messengered to pack some back to my colleagues when they saw the delicious meats laid on top of the fragrant rice. Once I had Chicken and Char Siu Rice (RM4.80), I loved the tender chicken breast and oooo the char siu was sticky but not sickly sweet. Most importantly their chilli sauce has the right amount tang with the usual garlic, ginger and chilli.

Chicken, Siu Yuk & Char Siu Rice RM7.50

The latest, I was greedy after hearing a girl asking for all 3 combi the previous round... yes yes I have to get the Chicken, Siu Yuk and Char Siu Rice (RM7.50)!!! Hahahaha... the siew yuk doesn't look great on the rack, looked kinda dry but surprisingly the skin is crunchy and the meat was tasty enough. It was worth all the RM7.50 but I should have asked for half rice, I know I could have just stop short of eating the rice but the rice was so good with the meats. I was too stuffed :p in the end. Ahhhh the peril of being greedy!

Chicken Duck Rice
Lot 16 Food Court
Basement, Semua House
3, Lorong Bonus 6,
50100 Kuala Lumpur

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HairyBerry said...

ooohhh, i didnt know semua house got chinese food! must go check it out. hey, lorong bunus 6. is that where govinda's is? i've always wanted to go! usually, i come here for yum cha with friends at night.

Rebecca Saw said...

Ahh..I went at night for the Naan! At errr.. Restaurant MY. The chicken is really gd!
Tht area does hv some hidden gems!

Ciki said...

yar chicken without the rice is just not the same!

Tummythoz said...

Is that the stall's name? Never noticed tho I'm a regular there. They don't serve duck.

Haha the person asking for the full combi could be me!

Babe_KL said...

Nic, Govinda's? I've no idea, next time I check

TNG, I think loads of hidden gems. so far nobody do crawl here hor?

;-)you're totally right, C&C

tummythoz, errr I think the gurl asking for all 3 wasn't you cos I still remember how you looked like hahaha else I would have asked you to belanja!