Thursday, 13 August 2009

Steamed Mashed Tofu With Fish Paste

Another dish learnt from my mother which is also easy peasy and very healthy as well. Mom's cooking is the best, I tell ya!

To make this, just mash one block of soft tofu with 200gm of fish paste which you can make yourself or just buy ready made from the wet market. I find the best way to mix them thoroughly is to use your fingers to squash the fish paste. Mix in one egg (can be omitted but it will be smoother if used), a bit of sesame oil or shallot oil or garlic oil :p, some chopped spring onion, salt and pepper to taste. Steam for 15 minutes (I've used electric steamer, so you might need to adjust your timing accordingly). To serve, just sprinkle more chopped spring onion on top. Told ya it was easy peasy!

This was how the mixture looks like before steaming...

Steamed Mashed Tofu and Fish Paste - raw

And this was the end result...

Steamed Mashed Tofu and Fish Paste

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  1. I agree! Mom's cooking is the best!! I can't stop thinking about all these great things I'm going to eat the next trip back.. but I'm going to shove to her this recipe! YUM!!

  2. I love healthy food. This is something I can try also. Thanks!

  3. I love simple recipes like this :) I can't explain the satisfaction when my aunt used to steam eggs for us, with these same ingredients. She used the same rice cooker, cooking the rice while steaming the eggs above. Indigenous :)

  4. You do know this is the dish known as "lo siu ping on" (Old young also peaceful}. Probably because it is boneless, and easily digested by young children and the elderly. My mum would add ginger juice to cut the fishiness of the fish paste.

  5. 550ml jar of faith, huh shove recipe to mom?? hahaha

    LCOM, just have to share this ;-)

    yeah kiran, my mom does dat too

    sh, i have no idea there is a name to this dish cos my mom just make it up. thanks for informing.

  6. Great!!! I've all the ingredients ready to try out. Thanks for the recipe.


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