Saturday 15 August 2009

Review: Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant


Back in the days of the yore before Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant shifted to the current hip and happening One Bangsar, it was located next to Jolly Green. I used to frequent the then known as Bangsar Seafood Village Restaurant as there isn't that many Chinese restaurants that were halal. Unka Leong concurred with me and the other halal place to bring Muslim guests would be Kelana Seafood Centre which has since closed due to development to the location.

Yesterday, we have quite a large group of floggers gathered at the restaurant for a review of a new menu plus the revealing of Ramadhan Set Menus, more on this later. Thanks to Jade for the invitation and Fatboybakes for the arrangement.

We started off with Boneless Chicken With Fruit Sauce which is basically deep fried chicken pieces served on a bed of sauce with some mango slices in between to cut off some oil of the chicken. The chicken pieces were crunchy on the outside but warm and tender inside. Then we have a Red Snapper With Bean Sauce. In the menu, it stated steamed but when it came the fish is deep fried. The piece that I had tasted over cooked as it was a bit tough but I liked the sauce though, would be great if eaten with plain rice.

Boneless Chicken With Fruit Sauce & Red Snapper With Bean Sauce

The Stir-fried Prawns With Special Curry is really special indeed. Not only it came serving in a bamboo steaming basket, the curry sauce was really tasty. From the creamy curry, I could derived fragrant lemongrass and thinly sliced kafir leaves in it. Everyone agreed that the sauce was great, especially if they serve with steamed mantaos.

Egg Omelette With Crabmeat is just pretty normal except how it was presented. There were some ooo-ahhs when it arrived wondering how the spring onions could stick outta the stack of omelette... I won't let out the secret, so you gotta order this to find out ;-)

Stir-fried Prawns With Special Curry & Egg Omelette With Crabmeat

Braised Beancurd Combination is a platter of gently deep fried smooth homemade tofu on a bed of lovely pumpkin sauce, topped with crunchy water chestnut and carrots plus deep fried pumpkin pieces. I really loved this dish but then I could be bias since I like pumpkin a lot. The sauce is subtle and slightly sweetish. The soft deep fried pumpkin pieces are my fave part of this dish. I think I could recreate this dish at home!

Surprisingly the dish that looked kinda plain really lived up the moment. The Stewed Cabbage With Dried Scallop and Mushroom came with a whole cabbage that has been braised till soften, quartered before being topped with stir-fried strips of chicken meat, mushrooms and black fungus. Funny I didn't tasted any scallops, perhaps the chef improvised and gave us something else instead which I'm mightly glad. The stir-fried bits were fragrant and were excellent with the plain cabbage.

Braised Beancurd Combination & Stewed Cabbage With Dried Scallop and Mushroom

Our table were served with Stir Fried Crabs with Salted Egg Yolk, whilst the next table got the Butter Crabs. I "seteng" (derived from setengah which means half in Malay :p) a piece with Jek, licked the salted egg yolks coating clean before devouring the fresh firm flesh. The next table was generous enough to move their remaining Butter Crabs over but I was too chowtutted for any. I tried the sauce though which I find too much curry leaves in it that overpowered the creamy buttery taste.

Stir Fried Crabs with Salted Egg Yolk & Butter Crabs

Err my dishes are not in order actually, the crabs were the last before dessert. Before the crabs we have this Fried Rice with Prawns. There were so much prawns in there! The unique part of this dish is there were buttery egg floss that usually come with the dry style of butter prawns surrounding the rice. These were topped with deep fried stuffed crab claws. We ended the dinner with Chilled Mango Puree with Sago.

Fried Rice & Chilled Mango Puree with Sago

From 20th August till 21st September 2009, for every Ramadhan Set Menu ordered, you'll get a voucher to redeem 1kg of crabs on your next visit and here are the sets available:

RM 498+: Appetizer, Shark’s Fin Soup, Chicken with Ginger, Spicy Fried Fish, Lychee Prawns, Signature Beancurd, ‘Kampung’ fried rice, Custard Buns, Dessert

RM 598+: Appetizer, Sharks Fin Soup, Chicken with Plum Sauce, Pomfret with
Bean Sauce, Prawns with Sweet Corn Sauce, Steamed “Sang Gan”, Tom Yam Noodles, Banana with “Gula Melaka”, Dessert

RM 698+: Appetizer, Double boiled soup, Roast chicken, Red snapper, Otak Otak Fried Prawns, Braised Sea Cucumber, Oyster Fried Rice, Chinese Pastries, Dessert

RM 898+: Homemade appetizers, Sharks Fin Soup with Pumpkin, Boneless Duck, Curried Garoupa, Braised Seafood, Mango Prawns, Garlic Fried Rice, Banana & ‘Gula Melaka’, Dessert

My photos won't do any justice to how good looking the dishes were, so do check out the Queen of DSLR's pics :p

Many thanks to FatBoyBakes, Nigel, Paranoid Android and Jek for the boozes; Jade and the management, chef and staff of Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant for having us.

Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant
One Bangsar
63, Jalan Ara
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (603) 2282 2555
Opening hours:
Lunch: 12:00pm - 2:30pm
Dinner: 6:00pm - 10:30pm

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  1. The conversation tht nite was even better hor? ;p

  2. I could remember Rachel saying, ..."the curry is nice and the prawn is very fresh..."

    The curry prawn was indeed something special...

    Nice meeting you again, it was indeed a great dinner.

    Take care..

  3. The food looks great but the prices, wow... and that is per person or per table?

    Malaysia Asia

  4. the butter crab was nicely presented, with claws sticking out akimbo, welcoming one to twist them off and slurp those sinful juices ...
    sigh ... i should've gone with you guys.

  5. Good fun...hardly a typical food review. :-P We should get together more often.

  6. i think i'll try the stewed vegetables with superior broth for it's simplicity and exclusivity.

  7. Any time you need another "date" when Captn Hook is busy, I volunteer happily! :)

  8. All these photos and reviews - sigh, so mouthwatering la! Nothing in US, mau balik la :)

  9. What is it now? Twice in 3-4 weeks? Hahaha..I agree with Lyrical Lemongrass, we should meet up more often :)

  10. TNG, it's always the case right :p

    nice to see you & Rachel again too Wilson

    David Jr, I did a bit of calculations, if just one plate of crabs and the rest one pax is about RM60-70

    J2Kfm, next time! there will always be next time

    LL, definitely!

    foodbin, i think a lot of ppl love the cabbage

    J, i will hit FBB's head if he dun extend a proper invite to you! hehehe

    Kiran, you sure you want to come back? you have other better things leh

    yes Unka, we just cant get enough of each other ;-)

  11. Dear Webpage Owner, do you know where Bangsar Seafod is operating now that the KL City Hall has revoked their licence to operate at One Bangsar?
    syed zul

  12. Syed Zul, I'm afraid they're closed for good as of now.


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