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Review: Y E Traditional Dumplings' Healthy Brown Rice Chang


We were at Jusco Supermarket Cheras Selatan the previous weekend. Oh my... the amount of sampling "stalls" were practically at every aisle churning out various samplings from nasi tomato and curry chicken made out of evaporated milk, all sorts of coffee, Milo, black sesame soy milk, cultured drinks, biscuits... you name it they would most prolly have it!!! I think we could have easily done a food crawl there :p heh!

Anyway, whilst we were passing by the non-halal section, we stopped to check out a bunting. The various glutinous rice dumplings (bak chang) pictured on the bunting all looked so delish. On closer look, ohhhh my, it was the famous Y E Traditional Dumplings at Pandan Jaya. I remember reading and watching on telly about their dumplings especially the gigantic one that can serve 10-12! This particular dumpling has a lot of expensive goodies inside which includes abalone!!! Not cheap, I tell you... it's close to RM300 for one!

I was attracted to one particular dumpling, the word "healthy" caught my eyes. The promoter ushered us into the non-halal section to check them out. Since I wanted to grab some bacon so may as well.

YE - Healthy Brown Rice Chang (RM6.80)

I bought one just to try out. This Healthy Brown Rice Dumpling costed RM6.80 but the size is rather big (but then again I have small palms :p). Traditional to their point, the dumpling is wrapped using hemp string which I liked, very environmental friendly and I know it's safe to eat. I'm kinda paranoid that plastic on rafia strings might just leak into the dumplings when cooked on high heat, tell me I'm not alone please...!

YE - Healthy Brown Rice Chang

YE - Healthy Brown Rice Chang - unwrapped

I steamed it up before eating and I could tell the grains were not 100% brown rice but more like multi-grained... brown and red rice plus millet, could have buckwheat too. The fillings not as generous as I would like it but good enough. It contained a slice of Chinese mushroom, chestnut, salty egg yolk and pork slices. There is only a teeny weeny slice of fat and a couple slices of lean meat... too lean (:p very surprising coming from me) cos it's tough. Taste wise, this dumpling is all right. It's like eating my normal meal of multi-grained rice with dumpling ingredients as dishes. I missed the glutinous texture of a normal dumpling.

YE - Healthy Brown Rice Chang - fillings

Capt'n Hook tried their Hakka "pillow" dumpling which he said was all right. Am I missing something here? Hmmm might wanna try out the other famous shop... perhaps soon since Duan Wu Jie is around the corner, 28th May to be precise.

If you fancy checking out the rest of the dumplings like Cantonese Chang, SweetHeart Chang, Crystal Chang, Nyonya Chang, Bamboo Leaf Chicken Chang, Roasted Pork Vega Chang; Golden Chang and etc... do drop by their shop at Pandan Jaya or Jusco Supermarket, Cheras Selatan (not sure about other Jusco though).

Y E Traditional Dumplings
8G Jalan Pandan Jaya 3/9
Pandan Jaya
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-9284 5325
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10am - 11pm; Public Holiday & Sun 10am-7pm
Click here for Map.

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  1. I like all types of chang, except the nonya blue colored ones... haha.

  2. looking at your chang reminded me of my ah mah. she used to make bak chang, the best, when she was still alive......

  3. For RM6.80, that's very little "liu"! o_0

  4. I buy chang who year round esp from a stall near my house. Guess that reminds me of home.

  5. I've tried once on such chang and i immediately fell in love with it. More healthy also... can eat as many as you can... glutinuous rice not so good.

  6. bakchang is always good if u have fatty pork in it. SLURPS

  7. dumpling festival is coming, mom is going to make her own dumpling this year with lots of "liu" aka ingredients!!!

  8. ya ya..too little liu for RM7! but mayb more expensive cos of the rice used..

  9. why leh food promotion??

    awww skinnymum

    bangsar babe & nomad gourmand, yalor!!!

    worldwindows ;-) actually i'm not a big fan of bak chang

    nkotb, ya ya din give bloated up feeling

    yeah KY cos the fats will soften and flavour the rice

    mimi, you're so lucky

  10. i luv the ones fm ipoh! damn shiok the pork fat,chestnuts and egg yolk!

  11. the dumpings are sooo yummy,
    i loved them! :)




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