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Review: Food Garden @ The Gardens

FG - Food Garden, The Gardens

Food Garden is a food court located at The Gardens on the third floor next to Borders. This food court is rather contemporary looking but the long table and benches reminded me of my school canteen days but in a sophisticated way.

FG - stalls02 FG - interior

FG - stalls01 FG - drinks stall

There are about 16-17 stalls selling all sorts of delicacies here ranging from local dishes to International grubs which you can see in a glance on the wall right at the entrance of the food court.

FG - type of stalls

That evening, the Korean Sam Sam stall grabbed my attention. I ordered a galbi set at RM19.90. Kinda steep eh for food court? However, the food is authentic since the Korean owner was around overseeing the cook and helpers, later on her son took over. The set came with rice, soup and kimchi.

FG - sam sam galbi set RM19.90

The beef slices were cooked on a hot plate and got pushed aside for them to lay a heap of shredded cabbage and carrot topped with thousand island dressing before serving. I find the beef slices were well marinaded. Each slice is tender and full of flavour. What I didn't like was the thousand island on top of the vegetables, kinda hard to comprehend a thick and creamy dressing on top of hot vege. Next time I'll ask them to hold the dressing.

FG - sam sam galbi

Capt'n Hook ordered a pineapple fried rice (RM6.50 if not mistaken) that came in a halved pineapple shell. Presentation was lovely but taste wise, it sucks. The rice was dry, bland and flavourless! Even though it looked like it contained a lot of pineapples, carrot bits and beans but they were very stingy with the meat. Something that is hard to accept with that kinda price one is paying.

FG - pineapple  fried rice RM6.50

Since Capt'n Hook find the rice way too plain, he went round seeking for some meat to go with his meal. He stopped by the Iranian House of Kebab and got himself minced lamb kebab (RM10.95). The kebabs were tasty and the marinade managed to mask the gamey smell.

FG - minced lamb kebab RM10.95

The place is relatively new, hence there isn't that many patrons on a weekday evening. I supposed quite a lot of people is not aware of its existence or perhaps the steep prices shun them away? I've noticed now they have put up posters around the mall to attract some attentions. Hopefully the food court could sustain.

There is a 5% Government tax imposed on top of the above mentioned prices which made me wonder if this place runs by an established food court business otherwise how would it be possible for them to garner enough revenue to start charging Government tax in such a short period?

Food Garden
Lot T-216A, 3rd Floor
The Gardens
Tel: 603-2283 2660

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  1. The lamb kebab look nice~~~ crispy outside succulent inside?

  2. mimi, the kebabs were grilled not fried so they're not crispy. moreover they're minced meat hence tender and juicy all the way

  3. This has been a firm favourite for an alternative lunchspot for the office since it opened up. Really can't say it's that much cheaper than the other overpriced MV offerings, but if you don't mind the skint ingredients (case in point, pineapple rice), you can fill up for the afternoon for less than RM10. I do like the bibimbap at the Korean stall, but find the serving too pitiful for the price! Hope the food court stays open, despite all that it's up against!

  4. well looks like it..if they have a target of 3 million dollars of revenue, they can opt to apply for a licence and charge..

  5. i passed by this place last sunday, on the way to crystal jade! ;D took a peek and the kebab and pineapple rice stalls caught my attention and voila, i get a preview here! ;D

  6. Damn cut throat prices!! It's cheaper to eat at the lower ground floor area right? o_0

  7. I do think too that this place is a bit pricey, and food quality isn't exactly on par with, say, pavilion's food court, kan? :)

  8. Wow nice looking foodcourt. Our foodcourt/foodhall here not as canggih as the one in Msia. Kadang jemu tgk makanan dia.

    Here in Perth we have a lot of Middle Eastern people. Sometimes this arab bila pergi bbq in the park, their bbq kebab smell so nice and delicious compare to our normal sausages, chops and so on. I always sneak peak at their bbq and curi2 cium bau. My hb nickname me stickybeak sebab suka kaypoh2 tengok orang punya food. :)

  9. Oo, finally this food court is open. We'll try it when we're back to KL. But seems like it's not cheap...

  10. 500ml jar of faith, i do hope the management take note of the price in relative to the quality and quantity given, else...

    yea joe

    tummy thoz, pavilion is huge and have more stalls

    :D nic

    little prince;s mummy, not that many stalls actually

    bangsar babe, ya. actually i dun mind paying if the price commensurate with the quality and proportion.

    KY, betul, betul, betul :p

    dear stickybeak :P nowadays Msian food court decor and ambiance bukan main cantik

    sugar bean ;-)

  11. Garden Clubs member get 10% discount but I still finds the food here quite expensive. I rather go to Oasis in Mid Valley.

  12. It's been eons since I go to Gardens. Hmmm...

  13. simon, not worth it leh

    jason, why la?


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