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Review: Janwa Thai Restaurant

**Pork Free**

After trying Restoran Krua Thai, we were hankering for more. A neighbour of my parents recommended Janwa Thai Restaurant in Bandar Menjalara (the older part where plenty of steamboat restaurants are located). She said it's authentic and so the following week in tow with more people in the family, we went out looking for Janwa Thai Restaurant. It's located in an air conditioned corner shop behind Petronas side, opposite Frame Network (the frame shop who popularised 3D framing after McD's Hello Kitty craze).

With 5 adults and 1 child, we could order more stuff and so here we go. Mom said she wants a Paku in Sambal Belacan (RM12). It must have been a long time to see paku, a type of ferns, in a menu. The ferns came crunchy in a light fragrant sambal belacan gravy.

JT - Paku in Sambal Belacan (RM12)

They recommended their Fried Tofu (RM8) which is a specialty. The tofu pieces are just simply deep fried plain tofu served with Thai sweet and sour chilli sauce. Looked ordinary but crispy upon biting with the smooth and soft centre bursting out. Would be great to eat it with Krua Thai's chilli sauce yumyum.

JT - Fried Tofu (RM8)

We have a Green Chicken Curry (RM12) which is just mediocre but the portion was rather generous.

JT - Green Chicken Curry (RM12)

Next, the Kerabu Chicken Feet (RM12) arrived. This is my parents favourite dish. The chicken feet is crunchy, served with raw red onions, tomatoes and a tangy lime and vinegar dressing peppered with chillies and lemongrass.

JT - Kerabu Chicken Feet (RM12)

We were comparing these Pandan Leaves Chicken (RM2 per piece) with Krua Thai's. Krua Thai's chicken is very much smaller and was deep fried longer to a crisp where else Janwa Thai is tender and juicy with each bite. We preferred the version here even though I was longing for Krua Thai's chilli sauce to go with these.

JT - Pandan Leaves Chicken (RM2 per piece)

JT - Pandan Leaves Chicken - opened

By now, my brother who frequents BKK for business, joined us. He took a look at the table and his first sentence out was "wow very authentic looking Thai dishes". Since I'm not an expert, I just took note.

We were almost done with our rice when our Steamed Fish With Lime Sauce (RM33) arrived piping hot. The fish was fresh and I was literally drinking down the sauce. The sauce tasted just right, not overly sour.

JT - Steamed Fish With Lime Sauce (RM33)

For all the above dishes (mostly in small portion), we shared 3 bowls of rice (RM3 yeah my family is not rice bin - farn tung :p); 3 glasses of soya cincau (RM7.50 @ RM2.50 each); 1 glass of saleh plum juice (RM3) and 1 bowl of cendol (RM3) and the grand total came up to RM113.50 only!!! Price is pretty reasonable and there are plenty of parking spaces in the evening.

Janwa Thai Restaurant
99G Jalan 5/62A
Bandar Menjalara
Tel: 603-6276 5658

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  1. what abt KL area got any as good? cos i heard The Elephant is very gd and also BKK Hse in pandan indah..jz wanna know ur opinion ;)

  2. Thai food is my favourite. No dessert?

  3. eh... not bad.. price is cheap. That deep fried tofu reminds me of chow tofu hahah!

  4. This place has satisfied my thai craving more than once. Two Thumbs up! Owners are friendly too..They got a kick outa me ordering in thai..

  5. mimi, nope cos we still have sugar oozing outta our ears from the previous week's tom yam :p

    nkotb, no no, not at all. very crispy on the outside.

    nomad gourmand, i hvnt been to My Elephant but i ate them when they were still known as DooDee. they're ok. not sure about the Pandan Indah cos hubby got phobia in that area hehehe

    erina, we tham jiak, ordered too much :p no more room but my parents shared the cendol which my dad said was good

    teckiee, u'r spot on!!!

    oooo unkaleong, it's great to hear this from someone like u who have stayed in BKK for a while! i supposed if hubby was around we could hv got some kicks too :p

    anyway to add on, i brought my boiboi to the washroom and whilst waiting, i peeked into the kitchen. i think got 3 Thai aunties inside cooking *thumbs up*

  6. i was there a few weeks back!! ;D the atmosphere was everything Thai, me thinks. ;D and i thought the minced chicken with chilli was good. so was the fish.

  7. hmmm so this is really a gem huh in Kepong, nic??? yumms feel like having tom yam now :p

  8. kerabu chicken feet is really catchin on with me.

    though years before, i wouldnt touched them with a pole.

  9. hi there, is there any Halal Sign? its help for muslim

  10. hehe nice and crunchy eh J2Kfm

    my reality and fantasy journey, i think they're only pork free. otherwise give them a call to confirm.

  11. It looks so good!!!

  12. Went TWICE in the past week! VERY GOOD food! The sambal belacan sayur paku was MAGNIFICENT! The Pineapple fried rice was DELICIOUS!!!


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