Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Highlighting Fake Eggs

I have these video links of fake eggs found in China to share, take a look... awww sorry I tried to embed the videos here but doesn't seems to work so you'll have to click on the links.

Video One

Video Two

There are some pics of the cracked eggs which looked exactly like the real thing except for the yolk sac that is hard to break. The above videos showed a hard boiled fake egg and it looked like real except that the yolk is rubbery when pressed together and bounces like a ping pong ball :p


  1. I hope we are not importing eggs from China..errr..do we?

  2. A friend claimed she was tricked with one a couple years back & v thot she was telling tales. OMG.

  3. i doubt so pea!

    tummythoz, so now you know huh? in fact it was reported in the papers before

  4. This is just horrible...thankfully we did not import any. Playing with people's lives...tsk! tsk!

    How are you doing?

    Wah...so envious of you...going to so many sedap places!


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