Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Chinese Sausage and Onion Omelette


Chinese Sausage and Onion Omelette

This Chinese Sausage (lap cheung) and Onion Omelette certainly bring back a lot of childhood memories. One of the best "stand by" dishes that can whipped up in a jiffy when there isn't enough dish to go round since my mom used to stock up lap cheung (in the olden days we can only buy them around CNY period) and onions in the larder.

All one need to do is stir fry the sliced onions in some oil till translucent before adding the sliced sausages. Add some spring onions if you have them. Stir in some salt and pepper to taste. Wait till the sausages brown up before pouring in lightly beaten eggs. Wait for the eggs to set before turning over to brown them lightly. Dish up and serve. You can bet anyone will down them in a gusto with their rice!

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  1. go well with both rice or congee :)

  2. in Penang my mom used to prepare the same thing but with prawns substituting the lapcheong.:D

  3. a simple meal like that can have 2 bowls of rice! :)

  4. Just can't go wrong with lap cheong hor? They taste good in anything and everything!

  5. definitely, mimi

    KY, we do that too but have to run to the market to buy prawns hehe

    ;-) more like comfort food huh, NKOTB

    pea, yes!!!

    K@Y, it does taste delish

    bangsar babe, the simpler the better :D

  6. Been there, done that ... good every time :-)


  7. *Jotting down for future reference ;)

  8. I will replace the lap cheong with chorizo and might try this with it. I have some chorizo in my freezer. It's a bit spicy. Nice food for cold autumn night.

    I couldnt believe that I can buy halal Chorizo here in Perth but hopping someday I can find Ramly burger patties here. My friend miss Msian style hotdog/sausages since we only get 'fresh' sausages here.

  9. ;-) julian

    wahhh jason, u getting domesticated???

    flower, dat's so wonderful, our sausages here are those processed stuff, not healthy at all

  10. CHINESE SAUSAGE! I live for this... sliced thin, pan-seared with a bowl of white rice = PERFECTION. Your omelette must have been delicious


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