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Review: Gelatissimo

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I saw the comments hahaha about the price. You know what, the price was one of the factor that deterred us earlier since we can get discount at NZ Natural. I think one scoop is around RM8.50 but it gets cheaper by the scoops. Capt'n Hook and I decided that Gelatissimo is NOT that all expensive after our experience at Haagen Dazs, Bangsar Village II.

You see, Capt'n Hook tend to sit at the Haagen Dazs at Bangsar Village II for his ice-creams. Very nice cafe there and service is great too. I usually have mine on the go but he usually sit there and wait for us whilst me and boiboi go on for some retail therapy. I can't remember the price per scoop but it's definitely above RM10!

One day, we finished up early and joined him there. He was done with his but boiboi and I picked our flavours then proceeded to sit down at the cafe. Fuwaahhh the wait staff immediately served us iced water, plus our ice-creams came in chilled glasses - very nice indeed. When we were done, I went up to the cashier to pay and took a look at the receipt, my first actually cos Capt'n Hook usually pay for them :p

The price was like so much more than those displayed on the board. So I went back to our table and look at the menu. Guess what I found??? Capt'n Hook has been blindly paying RM3 extra per scoop IF you choose to sit down at the cafe to have your ice-cream!!! So imagine for 3 of us, we have to pay extra of more than RM10!

Chilled Glass + Metal Spoon + Chilled Water in a Glass = RM3++ (remember horrr have to pay 5% Government tax and 10% service charge some more!!!)

In case you're not aware too, I was informed by my colleague, BamBam, that the Baskin-Robbins Cafe over at The Gardens side is charging more as compared to the kiosk at MidValley Megamall. So there you go... community service announcement for your awareness :D

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Iced concoctions are always a fave in our family. We can never say no to ice-cream, sorbet, cendol, ice-kacang... we loved them all.

When it comes to ice-cream and gelato Capt'n Hook loves rum and raisins where else I prefer non-creamy stuff so sorbets are my fave. As for my boiboi, I guess he's a rather simple fella... for he always sticked with vanilla! Perhaps a little unadventurous like his daddy but when I prod him, he would try some other flavours.

We finally tried Gelatissimo at The Gardens, a gelato chain originated from Australia. Ya ya I know, took us so long eh??? It's hard to resist our fave NZ Natural which is just right down the aisle, moreover it's hard to resist discounts :p


And so we shared 3 scoops in a cup, well one is to save some money there and two, we have to be environmental friendly. The first R in the 3Rs is to REDUCE wastes... so 2 less cups will go to the landfill heh. Try not to test out so many flavours as more plastic spoons will be wasted there too.

Gelatissimo - 3 scoops

As expected Capt'n Hook had rum n raisins which tasted rather good. Rum flavour is not overpowering. My blood orange sorbet was refreshing, not sour at all. Instant cooldown in the current hot spell! I can't remember what my boiboi have asked for but I think it must have been something mocha cos the fragrant coffee flavour was quite distinct. It was good for me since I'm allergic to coffee drinks but strangely I can take them in other forms :p

I'm glad we tried Gelatissimo, a change from our fave. So we now have one more choice in our list for our icy delights!

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  1. the last i tried was many years ago... but kinda expensive huh?

  2. Never try this coz of the pricing :(

  3. foodbin, nkotb & mimi, go check out my update :p i see it with a different light now hehehe

  4. TQ so much for the community service tip. Still worthwhile if sit-in for hours & hours & hours & h.. =P

  5. I love gelato! Haven't tried this Gelatissimo although we do have it here in Jakarta.

  6. ooo, you're allergic to coffee? In what way? I too can't really drink coffee, but can take it in other forms... I get a massive headache when I drink most types of coffee.

  7. tummythoz, dat if you've lots to do there and also provided they have free wifi hehehe

    selba, give it a try. i like cos they're not sickly sweet

    Mei, when i drink coffee, my stomach churns like washing machine then i feel nauseous and dizzy. developed this about 13 years ago and never drank coffee since.

  8. i like it as it is not as sweet as most other ice-cream(esp baskin robbins), but the price is kinda expensive.

  9. thanks for the announcement. now i know!

  10. Ekkkk - i never knew about the extra rm3 policy of haagen dazs , I've always preferred Baskins to Haagz anyday. I guess I'll be ditching the Haagz for now then.

  11. vivien, i supposed its the fresh ingredients they used hence the price

    ;-) rachel

    praveen, now you know :p

  12. hey aLL..
    Come n buy gelato at one utama Gelatissimo.
    Rm3 for the second cup. promo till 31july.
    come n check it out..

  13. two small cup for rm 11.90.
    dont miss it..


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