Friday, 17 April 2009

'Tis The Season For Mangoes

What to do when you're overloaded with mangoes and need to use them up fast before they become mushy and soft? Here are some ideas to use them all up ;-)

Those who have been following my blog for a while would have came across a delectable dessert, Mango Royale. It's super easy to fix and it's a fool proof. Best part is... NOBODY could resist this dessert! I have a few tubs of these in my freezer at the moment.

How about turning a pav to a Mango Mania version???

Mango and Passion Fruit Pavlova

I folded in some pureed mango into the cream and topped the pav with loads of mango cubes and passionfruit. Looked messy huh? Short of naming this Yellow Yellow, Dirty Fellow :p

After all these sinful delights, guess what??? I still have loads of mangoes left behind, yeah I know it's absurb. I didn't buy them but my MIL have been supplying us every few days! So the next best thing to do is to cut them up into cubes and freeze them. Try not to lump everything into one big container, spread them out in smaller ones so that you don't need to use the whole lot up in a batch.

For frozen mango cubes, I turned them into smoothies. Just be creative! The best part is, you don't need to add crushed ice into the blender. I was lazy, so I used my handheld blender and whizzed frozen mango cubes and frozen strawberries (left over as well and I didn't want them to rot in the fridge heh) with some low sugar soy milk. We have some yummy hearthy goodness all in a glass. In place of soy milk, you can use plain yoghurt, milk or juices.

Mango and Strawberry Smoothie

Otherwise, mangoes can be use up in bakings as well. You can try this Mango Teacake or Skinnymum's Mango Bread. For savoury, try her Mango Chicken or perhaps turn them into salads. The list is endless... all one need to do is be creative.

Good luck and have fun!

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  1. now u make me look for mango dessert....ish ish...

  2. stops herself from licking the screen :-(

    rub it in rub it in...

  3. Freezing the mango cubes to make smoothies is a great idea! Thanks for the tip!

  4. Didn't know can use soy milk for smoothie...

    The pav looks so crumbly... *drools*

  5. I'm drooling looking at mango desserts. I love everything with mango. :)

  6. I teringin nak makan mangga dari Msia. The mangoes that we have here are all big, round and gemok. No panjang2 one.

  7. You are very lucky. April and May mango season in tropical areas. I used to peel and eat over the kitchen basin or in the bathroom to avoid messing up.

  8. I'm so over this fruit. Until the next mango season. Hehe.

    Durian next?

  9. hi.. the link for the mango royale is no longer available. a search on the website brings up the graham crackers recipe...
    do you think you can post up your modified recipe for it? i am a newbie at this. thanks!

  10. thanks Mike

    hehe make your own vialentino

    *pass wet cloth to lisa to wipe the screen* :D

    it has been a pleasure sheena

    bangsar babe, the soy milk shake can be an acquired taste :p

    little inbox, who doesn't???

    :D foodbin

    flower, balik sekarang juga!!!! the season is on now!

    yerr worldwindow, my hubby does the same too eating over the kitchen sink :p

    yes yes tummythoz cos durian season is late due to rain. shld be soon!

    sorry jessica, try this

  11. i also got a lot of mangos and passionfruit. i made a mango passionfruit cheesecake on sunday. yummy too.

  12. Especially at this time, when the weather is extremely HOT!!

  13. the 'yellow dirty fellow' looks really inviting, :) also can try my mango sai mai lou ;)

  14. fbb, i hv some frozen mango, wonder if can make cheesecake with it

    nkotb, ooo KL oso very very hot leh

    you're most welcome, jessica

    rachel, sai mai lou need a lot more work leh hehe i can always go KTZ makan dat one :p


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