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Review: SS20 Fish Head Noodles

Updated 23 April 2009 9:19am

For 550ml jar of faith and those who would like to know how to get there... take the road (Jalan SS20/21) in front of Damansara Specialist Hospital, then go straight in and follow the bend to turn into Jalan SS20/10. Go on further and you'll see the hawker centre on your left. There are shophouses on your right but they're on another elevated road. Will get Capt'n Hook to provide me the GPS coordinates later. Check the map here.

Coincidently, Capt'n Hook went there yesterday right after I posted this up. He found out that he patronises Michael's soy bean stall in KL way back ages ago when he started working hahaha... no wonder he thought Michael's face is kinda familiar to him.

Also did a correction below as it's only 4 slices of fish in a bowl not 8 :p but they're huge though.

**Pork Free**

We finally got to sample the fish head noodles in Damansara Kim after reading so much about them a while ago. That late morning was so hot after my doctor's appointment and was kinda worried that the stall will be so humid and stuffy. Boy, I was glad as I walked in as this SS20 Fish Head Noodles Stall is located right at the end of the hawker centre and partly covered by shady trees. There were plenty of fans blasting away.

After placing our orders, my soy milk with cendol (RM2.00) was placed in front of me. Nothing beats something's cold and refreshing. Rather unique and healthier way to consume cendol! Capt'n Hook had the normal cendol with fine ice shavings drizzled with thick gula melaka. He said it was good.

SS20 - cendol in soy milk RM2

We checked out the table laden with Nyonya kuih-muih (sweet cakes) and saw these cendol kuih. We thought it's something rather different. Capt'n Hook ordered 2 pieces for himself and I tried one. The lady who took our order was rather concerned asking if we would be able to finish up our noodles which they were still cooking. Capt'n Hook told her not to worry :p

SS20 - cendol agar-agar

Oh my, what a surprise! They're actually agar-agar. Perfect for the hot weather. The texture was firm yet not hard, best part was they're not overly sweet. The whitish layer tasted like soy bean cendol and the top brown layer is a very fragrant gula melaka layer.

SS20 fish head noodles

Our bowls of haruan sliced fish bee hoon (rice vermicelli RM9.50) came. Hmmm the whiff of Chinese rice wine made me salivating already! After digging in, the noodles were all right. The soup base may not be the best but good enough. We both liked the thick haruan (sang yue) slices that came 4 2 slices deep fried and 4 2 fresh slices. Whilst Capt'n preferred the deep fried but I liked them fresh. If you don't fancy bee hoon, there's a lai fun option for additional 30 sens. The bee hoon here is springy till the last bite and doesn't expand nor soak up the soup.

Other than haruan, there were soong yue or yue wart (fish paste) made of kau yue (mackerel); all written clearly in a pictorial menu. Since most fish head noodles came with tomatoes, ginger, deep fried shallots, spring onions, preserved vegetables (harm choy) and evaporated milk; you can opt not to add those items that you do not fancy. Very flexible here and they don't show you black faces :p

SS20 fish head beehoon - haruan sliced fish RM9.50

Capt'n Hook was joking with the owner, Michael Hong. A very friendly guy even though it was our first visit. I did some searching on the net and found out from Boo_licious in Masak-masak that his wife runs a soy milk and tau foo far stall in TTDI market. So now that tells why the soy milk and cendol combi was delish.

There are ample parking if you drive further, in front of the shophouses.

SS20 Fish Head Noodles Stall
Stall No. 17 Jalan SS20/10
Damansara Kim
Petaling Jaya
Tel: +6019 335 0880
Business hours: 10am-4pm (Monday to Saturday), 11am-3pm (Sunday and public holidays)

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  1. yes, i like my fish fresh too! get to savour the natural sweet fresh taste..only time i had the soya chendol w gula melaka was at Pappa Rich's ..its really gd ;)

  2. the cendol agar agar caught my attention!! Looks great! Drooling now..

  3. Gasp! This looks so good! Which side of Damansara Kim is this? Euro Deli side? I must must go! And soy milk with cendol, the goodness without the guilt, perfect!!

  4. The bowl looks really good and I will required allthe components plus some thick carnation milk. Yue wart is a bonus. BTW I thought soong yue is Chinese carp?

  5. They also distribute their soy milk to the uptown hawkers.

    I know the son, and he's quite the entrepreneur, just like his dad! =P

    Time for a revisit! It's been a long time since I had a good bowl of fish head noodles...

  6. wow, almost RM10 per bowl. though given the quality and portion, commendable.

    soya + cendol? eh, simple combo, but never seen b4 anywhere lah!

  7. you're absolutely right babe! in this weather, i cnt seem to cool down fast enough.. gimme cendol agar queek!

  8. ;-) nomad gourmand. hmmm never been to pappa rich

    KY, oooo u came back d?

    Allie, tasted great too

    550ml jar of faith, i put in the direction in the post, check it out

    worldwindows, i din know wat is soong yue in Engrish :p hence i din put the translation

    ;-) bangsar babe, must bring my boiboi here cos he loves soy milk

    J2Kfm, yeah perhaps you can make the drink your own?

    c&c, i would love some too leh!!! :D

  9. this has been on my 'must-eat-list' since eons ago! argh.....time to goooooo

  10. Wow, the kuih looks delicious. I like cendol with thick gula melaka, even though it's sweet, but it's really nice.

  11. what are you waiting for rachel?? so near your place sum more :p

    sugar bean, the kuih is actually agar-agar. very nice.

  12. I just came back to your post because I keep having these tasty images floating around my head, and not sure how to get there, so thanks heaps for the map!! I can't wait!

  13. hey 550ml jar of faith, good luck in finding the place ;-)

  14. If you fancy fish head noodles, give this shop a try too

    Fish & Noodle House (Opposite Super Tanker in Damansara Kim)

    No. 7, Jalan SS20/11

    They serve wonderful fish head noodles. Fish head is fresh, soup is flavourful! And do try their Lime & Sourplum too! Very refreshing!



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