Monday, 13 April 2009

Review: Restoran Krua Thai

**Pork Free**

We have been meaning to check out this Thai restaurant, Restoran Krua Thai (literally means Thai kitchen) in this part of Kepong cos each time we passed by in the evening, the place is usually crowded which is a sure good sign. Even the hip C&C pair sang praises.

Our party of 3 adults and my boiboi arrived around 7.30pm and I tell you, business is roaring!!! The place is full house and quite a number of tables were waiting for their orders. We stood near a table at the five foot way hoping they'll hurry up with their meal hehe... nope we did not pressure them with our "stares" :p Anyway, I quickly placed our order first so that we don't need to wait too long. Well we got our table in about 15 mins and our food another 15 mins. Anyway, I guess the best time to come here is after 8pm for dinner as by then the crowd simmered down.

First to arrive was this non-spicy Claypot Japanese Tofu (Tow Foo Soong Kreang RM15) recommended for kids. We find it's way too watery and this is just mediocre. Kinda expensive with some carrots, mushrooms, baby corns, prawns and squid thrown in.

KT - Claypot Tofu (RM15)

Next came the Pandan Leaves Chicken (RM10). The chicken pieces were quite small but well marinaded and crispy on the outside. The chilli sauce that served with it is da bomb. Sweetish and sourish, went extremely well with the chicken. It was so good I was eating just the chilli sauce with my rice :p

KT - Pandan Leaves Chicken (RM10)

KT - Pandan Leaves Chicken = opened

Then we have Stir-fried Kai Lan with Salted Fish (Pad Kanna Plakem RM12). One can hardly go wrong with salted fish dishes and this came with generous amount of salted fish in rather large pieces. Ohhh yummsss... no need to say any more right?

KT - Stir-fried Kai Lan with Salted Fish (RM12)

We have the customary Tom Yam With Seafood (Tom Yam Nam Sai RM20). We find this tom yam is wayyyy too sweet... we thought we were drinking tong shui (sweet soup) hehe. Otherwise, if they have cut down the sugar to suit our Malaysian tastebud, then it will be great!

KT - Tom Yam With Seafood (RM20)

Lastly, I ordered another non-spicy dish for my boiboi... Pattaya Omelette with Chicken, Prawns and Squid Fillings (Kai Hor RM15). It's basically minced chicken, prawns and squid filling cook in a sweet and sourish light tomato sauce and wrapped in an omelette ala Nasi Pattaya. This was just ok but my boiboi wallopped 3/4 of them!

KT - Pattaya Omelette with Chicken, Prawns and Squid fillings RM15

They served steamed rice in individual aluminium bowls which needless to say is fragrant and fluffy. I think its RM1 per bowl. We have a Thai fragrant coconut at RM3.80 and a glass of Thai herbal tea that tasted like teh-o for RM2. In total we paid RM80 which we thought it's slightly on the high side.

We managed to try out another Thai restaurant in some other part of Kepong which is more authentic, will blog about it later this week.

Restoran Krua Thai
39 Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 2,
Taman Usahawan Kepong,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-6250 8104

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  1. to sweet tomyam! Only the pandan chicken looks halfway decent... another victim of its own success??

  2. Expensive lar...for not so nice food! o_0

  3. There is a better Thai food at Aman Puri , Kepong :)

  4. no raw prawn 4u i see:P nice shots babe!

  5. not bad nick

    :p 550ml jar of faith

    yeah bangsar babe, a bit too ex

    ooo will check dat out mimi

    c&c, old folks n kid dun take raw stuff :P


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