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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 8 May 2009

Banana and Mango Smoothie Turned Popsicle

Kuala Lumpur's weather is still freaking hot but thank goodness mango season is still on. I've in stock frozen mango in my freezer. Not only that, I've some frozen bananas as well. Yeah I usually freezes bananas to prevent them from being over-ripen.

Banana & Mango Smoothie Banana & Mango Smoothie Popsicle

This round, I blended the mangoes and bananas with some milk (need this to run the blade) using a normal blender, can't use the handheld as the frozen fruits were too hard since I did not remove them from the freezer to sit out for a while. I poured out into 3 glasses and I still have some left. So I took out my popsicle containers and pour in the smoothie. My boiboi and I were enjoying the popsicle a few hours later after they turned solid. Have to finish these quickly as they contained milk.

Felt instantly refreshed!

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Tummythoz said...

What a good idea!

Did you add sugar?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Oh wow. I could do with one right now!

erinalaw said...

Miss doing that. Have not been making tat for a very very long time liau. I am sure those are super duper yummy

Valisa said...

ohhh lekker!!!
PSSTT next time add a bit of rum for a little xrated lekkerness for you and the captain!

Flower said...

Instead of milk, I always add in yogurt and a little bit of honey if the fruits I'm using a bit tarty and we call it fruity yogurt icy poles. My kids love its and so does the mother. ;)

Babe_KL said...

tummy thoz, no sugar but you can add some if you like 'em sweet

LL, i wish i could hv one now too

erina, it's time to make some for your kids. how's Penang's weather??? KL is freaking HOT!

oooo lisa, dat's a notti version!

flower, i usually use yoghurt but cant' this time cos i need liquid to get the blade to run

Daamao said...

Nice! i would suggest u also try with an ice cream maker. I bought a Kenwood recently and have never look back since.. Duruan, Cempedak, mango, and the kids' favorite.. strawberry, absolutely fabulous!