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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Sick People's Food

Whenever my brothers and I were sick, we were not allowed to eat anything made out of rice, yup... not even rice congee/porridge. The first couple of days, we would be on mostly plain bread with light milk diet... or most to most we'll have the sweet braided loaf or those sugar topped sweet square bread with raisins all over inside bought from the rotiman on a bike. So can you image how horrible it was when your throat and mouth have this bitter tinge during that time and you have to eat all these bland stuff?!! Urrghhh...

However, things will get better as we recover... still no rice stuff including bee hoon or koay teow but we usually will have "chat tzai funn" (not sure what this is called in English but it's small bunch of noodle bundled with red or pink string, which I hardly see these days and it's not mee suah) or macaroni. They're usually made very plain with plain soup or just mixed with light and dark soy sauce. Still doesn't taste great but way better than plain bread. Sometimes, Mom will buy kurau fish (threadfin or mah yau in Cantonese) to add into the soup with plenty of amaranth (yin choy).

Well, that's what I fed my boiboi with over the weekend who wasn't feeling well since last Thursday. He is better now and is back to school today after his fever came back on Monday afternoon.

I cooked the macaroni slightly softer than al dente for easy digestion. In a another pot, boil some water but not too much since it's only for one portion. Marinaded the fish slices (bones and skin removed) with some garlic oil (just a wee bit) and soy sauce. Chuck in the amaranth first, wait for a while before adding the fish slices since they cook up rather quickly. Dribbled in wee bit of garlic oil like a few drops. Adjust the taste with a wee bit of salt and soy sauce (can just use soy sauce only). Once the fish slices is cooked, pour onto the cooked macaroni and serve.

Sick ppl's food

This is sick people's food but slightly better than eating plain bread!


foodbin said...

Hey! this is good stuff.

J2Kfm said...

but this will work just fine after a serious bingeing saga.
or after a hangover? :)

Rebecca Saw said...

i been sick the whole of last and this week! but been chompin burgers and potato balls and donuts..hhmm.. mayb thts why hor? ;p

Raymond said...

that looks like pasta..

Cindy Khor said...

why does sick people's stuff looks so tasty too?? i agree that pasta soup does taste better than bread... hopefully your boyboy could recover asap...

i remember when i was young, all of us (my sisters and me) were quite eager to fall sick as my mum would only allow us to take maggie mee and nothing else. as we don't get to eat instant noodle often, so staying sick is the only way...hehe

Kong-Kay said...

strange remedy. any reason behind the abstinence from rice?

Ciki said...

yar man.. do all mums make this ar? even my mum made this for me!

erinalaw said...

My mum also make this for me when I were a kid. Whenever I am sick, oh no.......... it's going to be my bad day. You marcaroni look good leh.

Babe_KL said...

serious ka foodbin???

J2Fkm, really???

kekeke... nomadgourmand, you notti notti! :p

raymond, it is pasta!!! ala Chinese :D

funny how weird our taste bud can be like when we're sick huh, cindy?

kong-kay, apparently according to some Chinese sinseh the rice will cause the fever to prolong and will turn to "tarn" (sorry I dunno what's the translation :p, some ppl will call it "chu moe teng/tarn")

c&c, hmmm well at least my mom, your mom, erina's mom and now my boiboi's mom are making the same stuff hehehe

erina, ooo same oso??? thanks :D you make for your kids too right? :p

Food For Tots said...

My hubby was brought up in the same situation. He is very scared of macaroni now and had forewarned me not to include it in my pasta dish. Hehehe!

Wilson Ng said...

No more porridge but now macaroni. Great stuffs! Great idea also!

Babe_KL said...

Food for Tots, wuahahahaha :p

;-) wilson, your mom never give you this?