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Review: Ramen Ton Chan



Does Ton Chan rang a bell to you?? Yes, there used to be one outlet over at The Curve but it has shut. I've been there but the food and service were both terrible. Not sure what went wrong over there when the fact that Ramen Ton Chan had stood strong over the years at Wisma Cosway just like it's sister restaurant, Tosaya.

tonchan - mosaic

Ton Chan is a simple no fuss restaurant. It's clean and well patronise by the Japanese community. Their specialty is ramen but of course they have other items as well. They made their own ramen using pure ingredients without any preservatives hence their ramen are bouncier, firmer and chewier. They have reasonable price set lunches and dinner. Lunch hours are usually packed with office workers around here.

On that evening we were there, there was this special set dinner which consisted of a bowl of braised pork ramen, assorted sashimi, a side salad, 2 slices of watermelon and a dessert of tutti fruiti ice-cream (no pics). This set was priced at RM25 but since I requested for fresh ramen, an extra RM1 was charged which is fine with me. The texture of the ramen even after soaking in the hot soup was springy right till the last bite! The braised pork which the waitress said "khau yuk" in Cantonese tasted blissful with the right amount of fatty layers (not too much) in between the lean. I drank up the soup till nothing was left in the bowl heh and did not have any after effect of msg, no thirst at all which is superb!

tonchan - braised pork ramen set (RM26)

There is a 10% service charge imposed.

Ramen Ton Chan
Lot 1.18-1.21, 1st Floor
Wisma Cosway
Jalan Raja Chulan
Tel: 603-2148 9389
Opening hours: Mon - Sat 12.00pm - 2.30pm; 6.00pm - 10.00pm
Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday

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  1. Looks yummy! Will try out the food in this restaurant soon:-)

  2. No MSG?!? I'm so there!! I seem to recall another similar old-skool, no-frills type Jap eatery in Wisma Cosway, in one obscure corner. Always been fascinated by that!Can't remember the name though, is this the same one?

  3. I didn't dare try this place when I was working nearby (scared it'd put a hole in my pocket!). Now only I know it's quite reasonable...gah!

  4. It's been... *counting* 6 months since my last Japanese meal! O.o

  5. reasonable, as Bangsarbabe said. esp the part where the ramen stays bouncy til the last bite!
    slurpilicious stuff.

  6. cosway got many corner corner outlets hidden food plcs! esp for the huge influx of office here ;) Luv this plc when i was workin in tht area.
    Tosaya was a surprise! looks so "chan chan" but got quality the food!

  7. Japanese ramen...always looking nice and clean ! Maybe pricing is a problem ?

    Usually they cost double or more against Malaysian noodles

  8. Hope you'll enjoy TonChan, FOODnTRAVELla

    550ml jar of faith, could be Tosaya their sister restaurant

    Bangsar Babe, I had the same notion until my colleagues who have been there told me that is one reasonabily priced place esp their set lunches

    Eh Jason, you've been eating warm home cook meal leh??? kekeke

    J2Kfm, seriously leh it's bouncy till the last bite!

    ;-) Nomad Gourmand. Tos is amongst the few grand old dame of Japanese eatery in KL

    NKOTB, nope cos this is an office area, I guess not much biz on Sundays

    BSG, i think its the soup base esp the porky ones, they need to boil many hours

  9. Not sure which I like better, the khau yoke or the fresh ramen.


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