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Review: Yuzu Japanese Restaurant



Yuzu Japanese Restaurant is a sister restaurant of Ninja Jones, tucked away in a quiet corner besides Isetan. The interior oozes a warm and welcoming ambiance. As one walked in further, you'll noticed the restaurant is rather large with each corner decorated in a different setting altogether. There are "rooms" or rather separated dining area for groups according to sizes as well if you requested for one. Their menu seems extensive and there is monthly promotion as seen on their bunting outside the restaurant.


That evening we decided to go for the set dinner which I opted for Yuzu Gozen (RM48) that came with assorted sashimi and sushi; tempura; beef cubes grilled on a stone; teapot soup; chawan mushi; the usual pickled and side dishes plus a couple slices of watermelon to end the meal. The quality of the sashimi was good since they just arrived. The tempura were light in oil. I kinda liked the beef cubes that were set sizzling on a slab of black stone. The grilling and caramalising of the beef smelt great.

Yuzu Gozen RM48

yuzu gozen

Capt'n Hook who is not really a fish person ordered Salmon Yuzu Kosho and Saikoro Beef Set (RM40). Some how he liked how the Japanese treat their salmon ala shioyaki and he seems pretty pleased with Yuzu's version. His set came with beef cubes in a hotplate; teapot soup; chawan mushi; pickled and side dishes pluswatermelon slices. As he sipped on his soup... I heard him went "ahhhhhh..." <-- sounds of approval???

Salmon Yuzu Kosho and Saikoro Beef Set RM40


As it was a week night, service was attentive since the restaurant is not crowded. Capt'n Hooked even have time to learnt how to say "chei-zu tin-bar-te" (thank you in Myanmar language) from the waitress kekeke...

Once we were done, she asked if we would like to take a look around the restaurant which we obliged. We bumped into their chef who is a local Chinese. He went on showing us these strange looking fishes on display. If we have seen these earlier, perhaps one of these would have been on our platter.

fresh fishes

10% Service Charge and 5% Government Tax will be imposed on your bill.

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant
T236, 3rd Floor
The Gardens, Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (603) 2284 7663

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  1. ehem, i asking too much if next time u can put whether the restaurant is halal or not...can arh?

  2. I'm so having the Yuzu Gozen when I go there! Presentation looks lovely! =)

  3. Looks like a decent set! I like the look of meat on that slab of stone too. Do they do chicken or pork in that style?

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. The food looks nice presented... but the fish display kinda scary... :)

  6. Could u believe it, there are a lot of Jap Resto here in Perth but I think none of them serve chawan mushi. I really miss chawan mushi when I have Jap food.

  7. Dear FutureLawyerInc, FYI I did. It's right there on top of the post.

    Bangsar Babe, there are other lovely sets too

    500ml jar of faith, I can't recall if they have chicken and this place is pork-free :D

    kekeke Selba, yeah. lucky the display was at the bar counter :p

    hmmm i wonder why huh, Flower?

  8. arghhh I miss the beef there.

  9. never entered, for fear of being slaughtered. =P

    but the sets looked kinda more than enough for one. s'more with grilled beef cubes!!!

  10. ooo .. look at the close ups of the fish! v cute:)

    love the food here too.

  11. I'm a fan of japanese food. Will try it out soon.

  12. KY, when going again?

    J2kfm, surprisingly the price seems all right with the kinda food served

    c&c, cute not ugly? :p

    enjoy, food n travel la

  13. tis is a best place to celebrate birthday. ^^

    Yuzu restoran will free a cute little round birthday cake upon ur request when u celebrating ur birthday. ^^

    The price is reasonable too.:)

    must try the Kobe Beef and Wahyu....its delicious!!!


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