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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Review: Sweet Chat Café


Goshhhh it's gonna be a few more torturous month before the hot hot spell make a turn!!! Even when we were in a cool mall but our throats seem to get parched faster than usual. So to cool down, we went looking for a place that serves icy stuff and Sweet Chat Café came to mind that day.

If not mistaken, Sweet Chat Café started off in Jusco Metro Kepong. I was intrigued then to see this cafe joined together with The Chicken Rice Shop but it's a pity that the café was at the back portion where there is totally no human traffic at all. On closer look, the café was opened by the same owner of the chicken rice chain. Somehow it got shut down before I got a chance to try them out until I saw one at Mid Valley Megamall. We came here a few times but I never got the chance to take any pics until recently.

I took a look at the menu which is looking good now with expanded items especially the savoury portion which we have yet to try cos it never crosses our mind to come here for meals :p They seems to have added quite a number of local and localised desserts and dishes apart from the usual Hong Kong inspired ones.

I ordered a Mango Passion (RM7.50) drink that came with big chunks of grass jelly, mango puree and cubes, topped with shaved ice and soda water. I really really wish I could have one now! It's so hot that I'm melting. I loved the combinations with the shaved ice melting away, totally not sickly sweet.

Mango Passion (RM7.50)

My boiboi who loves anything soy bean picked a Soy Bean Jelly with Mango (RM6.50). The jelly is soft and smooth, almost tau foo far like but it's not that sweet, hence the mango puree and cubes played the role to sweeten the jelly up. A bit unusual but kinda refreshing.

Soy Bean Jelly with Mango (RM6.50)

The pretty predictable Capt'n Hook ordered their Durian Cendol (RM7.50) as he loves durian and when it arrived, both of us went "Waaahhh"... very sua ku horrr (country bumpkin)??? The portion was mountain tall!!! Best of all they did not stinge on the durian, just look at the huge lump on top. There were generous portion of cendol and kidney beans all over the shaved ice drizzled with the right amount of coconut milk and gula melaka syrup. It also has shiny large sago pearls!!! This has to be every durian lover's dream dessert.

Durian Cendol (RM7.50)

The proprietor happened to be there that day and we gave her feedback of their overall improvement which she appreciated. We also told her their misses and she said they'll look into that. She kept thanking us for our support and feedback. Now, this is the kinda restaurateur we love and respect. Hopefully they could keep up with the good work.

Sweet Chat Café
Lot F-039, 1st Floor, South Court
MidValley Megamall
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2287 2798

LG-49A, LG Floor
Berjaya Times Square
Tel: +603 2148 7833

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J2Kfm said...

from 1st glance, the place looks like any other char chan teng, or dessert joint to please the youngsters.

but from ur review, the good service and the food's commendable.

and seems like the durian pancake's a hot item. i'll check this place out, probably in Times Square.

Rebecca Saw said...

been meaning to go since i saw them dwnstars in Times Sq, cos I sooo luvv desserts..thks for affirming the stds here!
Congrata too ya, for being lsted 58 on Malaysian Top 100 blogs!

Kath said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Babe_KL said...

j2Kfm, i guess you hv to try to judge it for yourself :p

nomad gourmand, thanks, huh what's this Top 100 blog??? new one ka? there was one done aeons ago, is it the same one?

kath, wow you hv sharp eyes cos i've no idea how you relate that but i prefer to be anonymous here. thanks.

Family First said...

sweet chat cafe run by daughter. mother runs chicken rice shop. met them at MV outlet. daughter is really nice.

Jason said...

Been there before and they seems to have newly refurbish the place. Agree that their desserts are pretty good.

Babe_KL said...

yeah, we met the daughter, family first

;-) jason

Ciki said...

its so hot.. i could do with some of that!

Sugar Bean said...

I've been to Sweet Chat Cafe in Midvalley once, really long time ago when they started their business there. I remembering enjoyed their durian dessert, though I can't remember what exactly it is. Would go back for more.

rokh said...

ahh!! should have read this before i went midvalley last sunday! now i so want the durian cendol but i don't know when i'll go back there!!

HandFullOfFlour said...

At this point in time.. I'm so craving for the mango passion drink you posted here :P

iamataxpayer said...

Guys, becareful of that shop, because they didn't develired whatever promotion item as they promised!

When i read them the rule and regulation, they admitted they themselve didn't follow the rules they set, but still, continue with bad attitute.

When i decided to leave, without order anything, and tell them, "i will not come to this shop again", the supervisor said SHOCK TO ME, said that "SAYA TAK KISAH PUN".

Lousy service, promotion pun TIPU. DO NOT GO THIS SHOP AGAIN!

Babe_KL said...

;-) C&C me too!!!

good for you Sugar Bean

rachel, shld arrange one special day then

hand full of flour, one more week to go!!!

dear i am a tax payer,
i supposed it's their staff who is at the wrong. you should write in a formal complaint to the management so that they could look into them. there is no point venting your anger and asking ppl not to patronise the shop, when in the first place the management is not aware of such issue.