Monday, 18 May 2009

Review: Sub-Of-The-Day

I'm always a big fan of bread... of any kind. In fact I would rather have a sandwich for lunch than a rice laden one. Those days, my office were within walking distance to the first Oliver's Sandwich outlet in Malaysia and then followed by Subway Sandwiches and Salads but it's such a sad case that they are both closed down by now.

Italian BMT on bread

Subway is running a Spice Up Your Day with Sub-Of-The-Day promo and it's still on. It's a great saver at times like this. There are 7 different types of subs on promo on different days and all of them are priced at RM7.50 nett for a 6-inch sandwich.

Italian BMT - standard vege

I was there on a Tuesday, and Italian BMT was the sub-of-the-day. Italian BMT has pepperoni, salami and turkey ham and mine is served on honey oat bread with cheese and HAMPALANG (all) veggies and condiments available ie. onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, peppers, olives, cucumbers and hot pepper. I topped it with mustard, olive oil and vinegar!!! It was indeed a huge sandwich kekekeke :p cos they were very generous with the fillings even though its a promo item.

Italian BMT - inside

As usual, I enjoyed the Italian BMT very much. Did you know BMT stands for biggest, meatiest, tastiest? I wouldn’t disagree at all!!!

This promo is available at all 31 Subway outlets in Malaysia (click on the store locator).

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  1. I like subways for sentimental reason as I first ate it in Boston years back but for it to send me to a culinary high it could not. I find it too western and the meat, ham etc bland for my liking. But it is not case for my son. He wants it when he is near a subway.

  2. Yes, BMT, my favourite from subway, have it once every week from Subway Pavaillion.

    Of cos, it can't beat BLT from Subway Singapore.

    BTW, thank you again for the cookinghouse voucher. I took Chef Enzo's pizza making class. Me and 19 ladies learn how to make pizza from the chef. Nice.

    Just test it out with couple of friends yesterday, our mutual friend, Tham was there as well.

    You can check it out here

  3. ahhh, look at the jalopeno! I love subway too but it's just a tragedy that our version here is halal :S

  4. HAMPALANG! i like tht!!
    Yes, love subs. filling and somehw feels healthy tho its prob not frm all tht sauces!

  5. you can have sub everyday to fulfill your "different items" quota. like ky said, halal takes the fun out of enjoying a sub it should be.

  6. Oh no, not another outlet serving ham salami and pepperoni with no pork in it! Slightly spoil an otherwise great sandwich.

  7. i had the same thing, but i didnt take the HAMPALANG (hehe) combo, i omitted the olives, and the sauces i picked only BBQ n Mustard. bad choice, as the sourness overwhelmed the combo.

    but sure is cheap, comparing to McD.

  8. no problem for me worldwindow since i'm a very much bread person

    sckhoo, wow great to see you have a blog coming along too. glad you enjoy the experience ;-)

    KY :( you have to mention it!!! ARRRGHHH

    nomad gourmand, i'm greeeddddyyy!!! kekekeke

    kong-kay, can make our own non-halal version ma or go down to Spore for one :D

    hazza, dun remind me of that ok!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

    j2Kfm, yoh bbq sauce really spoilt it ler, keep bbq sauce for the grill!!!

  9. Subways in England's always got Sub-of-the-days and its no different from others i.e. hampalang letak, no cutting corners haha. It goes for £1.99, and add like £1.20 i think for a drink and a cookie/bag of crisps.
    Or, 99p for 3 cookies.
    That being said, I've ate so much subs I'm sick of it!

  10. Just had Subway at USA. Their promotion is going for USD 5 for a foot long sandwich.


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