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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Review: Ban Kee @ 5th Mile Jalan Gombak


My parents took us here to Ban Kee as they were raving about the yong tau foo (stuffed beancurd and vegetables), assam fish and lala (clams). I've no idea how to get to this place as my dad took the MRR2 towards Batu Caves from Kepong and turn right somewhere which lead us thru some part of Sentul and the next I saw an uncompleted highway which I suspected will lead to Segambut or thereabout. Then we reached this place by the roadside. Dad said it should be 5th mile of Jalan Gombak. We went back via Setapak though and I noticed this Ban Kee is located near a mosque (Masjid Saad Abi Waqqas Coordinates: 3°12'4"N 101°42'8"E) and further down is SMK Chong Hwa Setapak (Coordinates: 3°11'57"N 101°42'18"E). There are a lot of furniture shops along this road too.

When my mom saw the lone lighted signage along the road (the only sign that will lead you to here), she claimed it's the Campbell Road Ban Kee... errr I've no idea but my parents used to stay around that area. Must be one of the stalls before they got demolished ages ago.

Ban Kee signage

This was how the shack looked like inside. Errr if you're peculiar about cleanliness, you can skip this place. This place is dim and the floor is untiled but cemented. It's like a roadside kopitiam in a pekan. However, this place is airy though. The action in the background is Ban Kee's kitchen which is upfront. On the right side is the yong tau foo and assam fish stall but sad it was closed on Wednesdays. Will go again some other time.

BK interior

Mom asked for fried Hokkien noodles of thick noodle and beehoon plus a plate of fried rice. The noodles were good with lots of ingredients but I've tasted better elsewhere. Fried rice was just okay.

BK - Hokkien Meehoon n Mee BK - fried rice

The piece of resistance here is their stir-fried lala (clams) in rice wine not Tsao Tsing wine but the glutinous rice wine used in confinement cooking. The wine lend a subtle sweetness to the generous portion of gravy which we slurped till the last bit.

BK - Stir fried lala in rice wine

My brother asked for kung bao mantis prawn. The sticky sauce was well caramelised but I felt not enough of them to coat each piece of mantis prawn.

BK - fried mantis prawn kung bao style

Mom ordered orh jien (oyster omelette) but this version is wee too "wet". Mom said must remind them to cook longer to crisp them up the next time. Sighhh the New World Park version still tops my list. Next we have a plate of vege of foo yue yau mak (stir fried romaine lettuce with preserved beancurd). It's too salty for us, I guess mainly cos we did not have plain rice plus we're used to less salty food.

BK - oyster omelette BK - stir fried romaine lettuce with foo yue

All those food came to RM83 (5 adults + boiboi), drinks were on a separate bill. Rather satisfied and will return next time for the yong tau foo and assam fish (they're open from 10am onwards till late) plus maybe crabs cos I eyed almost every table have a plate of crabs!!!

Ban Kee
5th mile Jalan Gombak

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Ciki said...

i really hate WET hor chien! haha..
but this place looks like our kinda place! we will find it oh yes we will :D

Christina Kim said... had me there and I was about to ask, what happened to the Yong Tau Foo? I thought you mentioned about YTF and were going to blog about it:p

The stir fried lala simply looked nice...and oh, I am a fan of kung bao mantis prawns too...blogged endlessly about it in my blog;)

Panda said...

lala looks good

Tummythoz said...

Hmm I've seen that school & mosque but missed the shop. Need to open eyes wider.

choi yen said...

Just passby Jln Gombak yesterday, the road change a lot~~

Jason said...

Will take note not to come on Wednesdays. Wonder if my friends who stayed in Jln Ipoh know about this place or not.

Babe_KL said...

ciki, when i was there, i really thot of you leh :p good luck in finding this place ;-)

oppsie daisie... christy we went on a wednesday :p

panda, tasted great!

tummythoz, dun look for a shop :p look for grilled up shack with zinc roof (i think)

mimi, looks like still under construction though huh?

check with them jason

ng yew kuan said...

Ya, just go last week try the crabs is good, and the lala too, they moved to a fews shop futher up before the traffic light to sentul make a U-Turn. I got their contact too, want to bring parent to try.
Ban Kee Contact: 012-6984532, 016-2282852. Business Hours - 11am-1am (midnight).

Unknown said...

My kids love crabs and lala too, one day must go to try, will leave comment later.

Babe_KL said...

thanks yew kuan for the details, yes i'm aware they have shifted ;-)

siew hun, do feedback ok, hope your kids will like this place