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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 6 October 2008

Another Variation of Chicken and Potato Pie

Here's another variation of the Chunky Chicken and Potato Pie. This time the filling, I've chicken, yellow zuchinni, green peas, carrots and broccoli.

The testament of its deliciousness... my boiboi finished 3/4 of this single serving portion :D YAY!!!

Chicken and Potato Pie - ingredients

Chicken and Potatoes Pie

Chicken and Potatoes Pie - scoop

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a feast, everyday said...

a very clever way to make veggies more platable...

Family First said...

Adoi .. drooling! Been visiting baking blogs like forever so now waiting for my new home to be ready next year so that I can blog food all the way! Yippee!!! But next year only got new kitchen and new oven lah ...

Ciki said...

yum! i want pie!!!

Unknown said...

now, not only tasty, it's super healthy too!

TriStupe said...

wei...dun la...hungry already..and i just had dinner.

Little Corner of Mine said...


Simon Seow said...

Looks like shepherd pie from the outside.

Precious Pea said...

I saw lots of yellow zucchini in Tesco. Any difference from the green version?

chenboon said...

yummy yummy, this will good for gathering time... i love the recipes you share with us. ;p

answer of your question: i am working as editor now. Specialized in recipe magazine and cookbook. For this event, I am the photographer for my magazine, ha ha.

Mari @ Once Upon a Plate said...

Beautiful! Very nicely done.

I would love some right now. :)

Babe_KL said...

yes indeed a feast everyday

family first, i cant wait for you to have fun in your new kitchen!!

ciki :D

rita, errm the roux got butter wor :p

stupe, can make this project this weekend :p

thanks LCOM

yes simon :D

pea, same ler hehehe more colourful only

thanks chenboon. so which mag n book leh? might have pong charn if they're in english or bi-lingual :p

thanks once upon a plate