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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 24 October 2008

Dong Guai Soup

Errrmmm this post for my own reference, in case I forget how to get this soup done properly.

This is a recipe given by my masseur after my unfortunate incident. He said my inner body was cold, hence need something to fix it back.

His recipe was to boil 4 bowls of water with half a head of sliced dong quai (angelica) which is about RM5 for an hour on low fire. Then add in half of a small kampung chicken (not the choy yin kai but the malai kai variety) with skin and all. Boil for another 20 mins. Drink whilst hot, eat up the chicken if you like. According to him, it'll have 1 bowl of soup. He said the water can be adjusted based on how much soup I would like to have.

Dong Guai Soup

Based on my own experience, using my vision ware pot, I need to about 5 bowls of water on low heat (my stove is rather hot though even on low). By the end of 1 hour, I would have about 2 bowls of soup left. After another 20 mins with the chicken, I would have only 3/4 bowl soup. I also used skinned chicken cos I can't stand fatty soup :p

There... safely filed here :D


Ciki said...

sorry but the word 'masseur' just distracted me from the entire post... You have your own MASSEUR.. wallau.. too much. where can i hire me one of those. hahaha:D

Precious Pea said... body is too hot for this. How come it's white? Is it supposed to be white? How come the one my mum made was black? Hmm..

Anonymous said...

it's for my reference too. i love soups.....tummy feels nice and warm, and its lower fat - my ultimate comfort food.

Hazza said...

With that name, I was expecting to see you displaying how to cook turtle soup ;)

mamasoju said...

I love gong guai~~~~~
slurrrp..... nice

Babe_KL said...

ciki, this masseur does not give usual soothing type of massages... this is deep shiatsu kinda which leaves you in pain one hahaha darn!!!

pea, no idea wor. could it be different herbs?? perhaps it was those pat chun soup??

hope it helps you skinny mum

yikes hazza!!!!

;-) mel^^mel

New Kid on the Blog said...

I think it's white is because not enough red dates or black dates??

I remember I drank a lot of those soups too.